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Brain Food Recipes Cookbook & Journal

This Is Your Brain Food If You Get Migraine Headaches

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

This Brain Food Recipes cookbook is also a journal. It's both. The recipes are for you to help you learn to feed your brain the right things. And the journal is to help you track triggers or reactions and reduce nasty migraine attacks. Get a whole week of meals, snacks, drinks and a few surprises!

As a person living with migraine, you are probably more acutely aware of your brain, compared to normal humans! You want to keep your brain healthy in the hope that it stops creating attacks.

This is your brain food if you have migraine attacks and or if you get headaches.

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Brain Food Recipes Cookbook & Journal. Feed Your Brain And Reduce Attacks. Shop Now @migrainesavvyBrain Food Recipes Cookbook & Journal. Feed Your Brain And Reduce Attacks @migrainesavvy

Did you know that…

  • Your brain detoxes while you sleep.

  • Your brain doesn't fully develop until you are about 25 years old. [3]

The good news is that your brain health can be improved, even after your brain is fully developed! If you aren’t looking after your brain health properly, you could have a higher risk of developing neurological diseases like dementia or stroke. [3]

And what you eat does make a difference. You can influence the health of your brain by including the right foods.

As I mentioned, my new cookbook Brain Food will be both a recipe book and a journal.

So far the plan is to do 7 recipes each for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2 daily snacks and drinks (hot and cold). Just to get you started on taking care of that super sensitive migraine brain.

I list some of the top brain foods below, but as a person living with migraine you will also need to consider what triggers you.

Angela Stanton says to test blueberries first before taking them on board. She suggests testing with 1/2 cup of blueberries and then 1 cup - to see if you trigger an attack that day or the next day.

I'll cover the details (like waiting about 4 days in between tests) of the little experiments you can do in the book.

So we will be experimenting to find what works for you, and there will be space for notes and changes you want to make to the recipes.

Look Inside!

In the recipe book I plan to cover:

  • what is brain food
  • the number 1 brain food
  • the best natural brain foods
  • the best blueberry smoothie recipe
  • the best brain food breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes
  • the best drinks
  • the best snacks
  • the best supplements

The top sources are fatty fish, blueberries, turmeric, broccoli, pumpkin seeds and nuts. You can read more about that here - The Superfoods For Brain Health.

Here are some brain food recipes to get you started

While you wait to see the finished product, I will share some of those recipes here on the website.

The first recipe I want to share is for delicious fish soup  - Easy Brain Food Recipes

The top source of brain food is fatty fish. The best sources are:

  • salmon, trout, herring, and sardines

Just a warning with fish, you may also have to be aware of high histamine foods (migraine trigger)… and the fish listed above are high in histamine. Flaxseed oil is another alternative but not for this soup!! 

And please note: fish increases in histamine rapidly. If you can get freshly caught fish that is the best way to keep it all lower in histamine. Most ships do snap freeze the fish, and you can ask if buying locally. [1]

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