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A journal for depression and anxiety Relief

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

My journal for depression and anxiety relief is called - Practical Ways to Relieve Migraine, Anxiety and Depression: An Activity Journal Workbook. It has all the tools I use as a therapist and 3x 30 Day Challenges to give you a great start right after reading it.

As a therapist I draw on a variety of practices from these models: CBT, EFT, TCM, Focusing, and Reverse Therapy. As a person challenged with both conditions (and migraine), I love my 30-Day Challenges. They just give me that little kick in the butt I need to take action and they are a great way to see progress. Easily. Plus, I can make them fun by including some brain rewiring techniques.

Excerpts From the Journal for Depression and Anxiety


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 1 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 2 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 3 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 4 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 5 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 6 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 7 @migrainesavvy


Journal for Depression and Anxiety Look Inside Page 8 @migrainesavvy

Knowledge + Action = Progress

I’m so glad you are here. NOT because you experience migraine, anxiety, and depression – NO! - but because you are here getting some help with these conditions. All of which are more manageable with some education and the fact that helping one helps the others.

So, working on lowering your anxiety levels can also affect your depression (lift your mood). And managing your migraine attacks better will help reduce anxiety.

So together we are going to cover things that help each condition and you can pick which one to start with to get the best results asap.

The 5 things you will be able to put into practice when you read this book.

You will be learning the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) process which has the most evidence behind it for successful, measurable results. It is effective for relieving both anxiety and depression.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping is great to relieve anxiety and anxiety-based depression. I will cover several examples here including the exact set up, the points, alternative statements, and three full rounds.

I’ve added a little TLC from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and Qigong.

We will touch on Focusing. A modality where you reinforce compassion and understanding by turning towards yourself and saying “hello” to whatever is there.

Reverse Therapy uses your symptoms to help you recognize what to STOP doing and what to START doing. And three – 30 Day Challenges using some brain rewiring techniques to help you get started on a positive note. YAY!

I will draw on these 5 modalities along with the line of thought questioning by Byron Katie; working with your ‘Never Good Enough’ beliefs by Christine Padesky, PhD; a layered journaling process by Barbara De Angelis, PhD; a great natural method for migraine relief by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and more. 

The journal is simple and easy to use, and you can print out the pages to use again and again. For the challenges, just follow the steps for the whole month, and you’ll be taking the right steps to being calmer and happier.

I wish you optimal health, optimal functioning, and optimal wellbeing. You can do this!

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