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Symptom Tracker Journal

The Prodrome - Where Your Symptoms Start

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

If you are unclear about what symptoms hit and when, this symptom tracker journal will help you make sense of it all so you can learn to take the steps you need to help stop a migraine attack before it starts.

You will get better results with your doctor if you can provide details on your unique symptoms, migraine occurrence, frequency, and severity. 

I know there are A LOT of apps out there. But writing things out manually helps your brain make sense of what is going on. Plus, you can see the pattern forming. And it’s very beneficial to have the details right in front of you for doctor and specialist consultations. Bring this journal with you to show anyone you are wanting to discuss this with. It's a great place to write any questions down before your appointment too.

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Symptom tracker journal. Track your prodrome - where your symptoms start @migrainesavvySymptom tracker journal. Track your prodrome - where your symptoms start @migrainesavvy

There are easy instructions to follow so that when your next migraine strikes – you have some options to tick off before or after an attack. Simple, easy, fast! And there’s an absolutely essential tip in the e-book I share with you that could make all the difference in your migraine world.

It’s around timing (but I can’t tell you everything right now… can I!). Keeping track of this will help you learn the best time to take pain medications or other precautions to stop your migraine from starting.

Look Inside The Symptom Tracker Journal

What's Inside:

  1. 4 Phases of Migraine
  2. Prodrome - Where Your Symptoms Start
  3. Rank Each Symptom Using a Scale Of 1 - 10
  4. A More Detailed Symptom Ranking Scale
  5. 30 Day Symptom Tracker
  6. Blank Template for You
  7. Monthly Tracker - Diary / Calendar
  8. Medication & Symptom Tracker

Watch for symptoms 2 days BEFORE your attack

Remember that symptoms can start two days before the attack and that they may vary greatly between each migraine. Either way, it will be extremely beneficial to learn your early warning signals to help you prepare for the approaching and future attacks.

You will rank each symptom using a simple scale from the Mayo Clinic or you can choose the more detailed symptom ranking scale I prefer. There is also space to monitor sleep quality, mood, bowel movements.

Here are some sample pages from the e-book.

Symptom Tracker Journal Sample Pages

4 Phases of Migraine

4 Phases of Migraine @migrainesavvy

Easy Ranking Scale

Easy Ranking Scale @migrainesavvy

Prodrome Information

Prodrome Information @migrainesavvy

30 Day Journal

30 Day Tracking Journal @migrainesavvy

It's simple and easy to use and you can print out the pages to use again each month.

There aren’t any fancy methods or difficult procedures. Just follow the steps, for the whole month (or as long as you wish to find those patterns), and you too will be sorting out some nasty symptoms.

Why Wait? Be Prepared.

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