Depression over Daily Migraines

by SH

I have been reading your blog for 2 days now. In my very depressed state I am searching for any cure for my headaches and migraines. I have decided to seek help from the internet.

I have had migraines since I was 12. I am 33 years old now, meaning more than 20 years of suffering. The past 3 years or so my migraine headaches have been daily. I take Imitrex on a daily basis and it helps, it completely eliminates my pain, but I fear it destroys the body.

I also feel that this triptan is addictive. Totally addictive. I think it has made my situation worse. I was considering trying 1-2-3 approach of Dr. David Buchholz, but he says to throw away all pain relievers - including of course - my Sumatriptan. What shall I do then? I will have migraines every day?

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