My Professional Qualifications and Credentials

Holly Hazen, My Professional Qualifications @migrainesavvyHolly Hazen - My Professional Qualifications

Besides having debilitating migraines for over 26 years, 14 of which with no effective pain relief, here are my formal qualifications that underpin the foundation for me as a chronic pain counselor and migraine coach.


Holly Hazen: MCAP Framed @migrainesavvyHere's a photo of me at graduation.

Here are my professional qualifications in chronological order:

  • 2020 - Healing Trauma: Moving Beyond the Hurt of the Past. Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing Resources, Inc.
  • 2019 NICABM - How to Foster Post Traumatic Growth.
  • 2018 NICABM - How to Work With Shame.
  • 2018 NICABM - Working with Core Beliefs of "Never Good Enough."
  • 2018 NICABM - Treating Trauma Master Series.
  • 2013 Couples Observation and Couples in Crisis with Jacqueline McDiarmid (JNI).
  • 2011 Imago Couples Intensive Workshop, Sydney. Imago Institute for Relationships, New Zealand. 
  • 2011 Essentials of Couples Therapy. Family Systems Institute, Sydney. 
  • 2011 - present Focusing: (2011) Radical Gentleness; (2011) Inner Critic; (2012) Level 2; (2017) Gifts of Pain; (2017) A Rock and a Hard Place; (2018) Focusing with Chronic Pain; (2018) Shift; (2020) Focusing in Stressful Times. Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing Resources, Inc.


Here are some of the certificates for my professional qualifications above: 

Rick Hanson's Neurodharma Course July 2020Neurodharma Course July 2020
Rick Hanson's Relationship Workshop August 2020Relationship Workshop August 2020
Rick Hanson PNT Course Oct 2020PNT Course Oct 2020
Rick Hanson PC-PNT Course Nov 2020PC-PNT Course Nov 2020
MCAP 2012MCAP 2012
PNT 2018PC-PNT 2018
PNT 2016 Level 2PC-PNT 2016 Level 2
PNT 2016 Level 1PNT 2016 Level 1
Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy 1997 - 2001Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy 1997 - 2001
Certificate in Holistic Counselling 1997 - 1998Certificate in Holistic Counselling 1997 - 1998
Traditional Chinese Medicine 1997 - 2001Traditional Chinese Medicine 1997 - 2001
Certificate in Nutrition 1999Certificate in Nutrition 1999
Lifeline Counselling 1998 - 2012Lifeline Counselling 1998 - 2012
ASIST 2002ASIST 2002
ASIST 2010ASIST 2010
Workplace Training 2001Workplace Training 2001
Foundations of Human Resources Institute 1996Foundations of Human Resources Institute 1996

Passions and interests:

My Focusing Certificate 2011Focusing
My Couples Therapy Certificate 2010Couples Therapy
My Energetic Healing Certificate 1997Energetic Healing
My Metaphysics Certificate 1998Metaphysics & The Body's Energetic Systems


  • 2010 - present. Private counseling practice and website. Before I retired, I was an accredited member of (CAPA) The Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW Inc.
  • 1998 - 2012 Voluntary counselor at Lifeline.
  • 1981 - 2014 Accountant. Downsized, due to migraines, in 2001 to do my own part-time bookkeeping services and part-time counselling.

Remember... Information & Education = Options & Choices

My book Migraine Management: How to Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain and Prevent Attacks won the 2017 New Apple literary award. 

I had disabling migraines for over 26 years, and when I started this website there were no step by step plans for how to navigate through this often misdiagnosed and disabling condition. That’s why I spent so many years studying, four years doing a master’s degree and an intensive year writing out a plan which became the migraine pain management course. 

Getting the right advice matters to me. I wasted so much time and money on alternative therapies that just do not help stop migraines. They are so misunderstood and it’s a misconception that they can be cured by a single alternative treatment or therapy. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I know it can… it just never happened for me.

I’m passionate about helping you get the right information to stop the next attack where humanly possible.

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