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Meditation for Migraine Pain Management

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Meditation For Migraine Pain Management @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migraineheadaches

Meditation for migraine pain and chronic pain management is the most researched and most widely practiced form of relaxation boasting numerous other benefits that increase one's health and well-being.

Most doctors will mention stress management or suggest relaxation techniques for the long term management of pain conditions.

Meditation is the most common form of stress management and there are many forms of meditation to practice.

It is, in most cases, a simple technique that can provide increased levels of health and well being, by providing a profound restfulness to your mind and your body.

It is proven to release stress and tiredness naturally that results in increased energy levels and increased mental clarity.

All of this results in a feeling of increased fulfillment and an overall enjoyment of life.

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The Most Practiced and Most Researched Form of Meditation

I am not legally allowed to mention the most researched form of meditation due to trademark infringement laws, but I can tell you that their website says that more than 5 million people now practice this method and that it does not discriminate between cultures.

Harvard, UCLA and Stanford University have all done studies on the effects and benefits of this specific meditation technique. "Over 600 research studies have been conducted at more than 200 universities and research centers … and these studies have been published in more than 100 journals."

A Bit of History

Meditation Has An Endless List of Benefits @migrainesavvy

I used this migraine meditation for migraine pain management for about 8 years. It was one of the methods recommended to me by my physician and neurologist at that time.

After about 8 years of this very intensely painful practice (only painful in migraine pain phase), I decided to try something different. I can't tell you how much more gentle the guided versions felt.

So in hind sight, I can recommend doing this trademarked meditation method between migraines when the pain is not full blown, unless you want to focus more on the pain, but not as a meditation for migraine pain.

I didn't just focus on my mantra, I used a different meditation for migraine pain reduction. I did the: rate the pain 0-10; give it a color, a texture, a shape, and map the location exactly in the body. I would do this cycle 5 times whilst I followed the pain. It always got more intense, until I eventually passed out from the pain. I had no effective pain killers at all back then.

An earlier form of meditation arose from the ancient Indian Vedic tradition of enlightenment. The knowledge of generations was finally shared with the rest of the world by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1960’s. The teachings have been handed down verbatim and have strict guidelines on the procedure. The teachings are sacred.

If meditating helps reduce your migraines, then it may be worth exploring the potential effectiveness of learning the technique properly.

An Endless List of Benefits from Current Scientific Data

According to the list of benefits are:

Mental Benefits:

- Greater organization of brain functioning and development of intelligence
- Increased creativity
- Improved ability to focus and better understanding and comprehension
- Improved perception and memory retention

Stress Management:

- Increased relaxation
- Physiological signs of deep rest
- Reduced stress hormones circulating
- Relaxed breathing
- Decreased stress and anxiety

Health and Well Being Benefits:

- Reduced need for hospitalization and Doctor visits
- Lower blood pressure
- Decreased cigarette, alcohol and substance abuse

Personal, Work and Relationship Benefits:

- Increased self awareness
- Increased productivity
- Improved quality of life
- Increased positivity and more peaceful outlook
- Decreased violence and crime
- Reduced conflict overall

And Oprah Winfrey who now uses meditation in her offices has stated that her staff are experiencing better sleep, feeling less depressed, and having a reduction in migraine occurrences. You see - there is more proof of meditation for migraine pain management. She has noticed that people are interacting with each other better.

Meditation for Migraine Pain Relief @migrainesavvy #migrainehelp #migraineremedies #stopmigraines

Meditation for Migraine Pain - The Link to Migraines

A number of studies now show that meditation benefits depression and aids in pain management.

You may already know that depression is also common to chronic migraine sufferers. How can constant pain not get us down occasionally?

A 2010 study found an increased thickness in the brain regions that regulate pain and emotions (Grant, et al, 2010). Meditation, although it can not abort a migraine attack once it is started, can calm down your nervous system to consequently reduce your pain levels.

It has also been proven to help improve mood in individuals that experience depression. When practiced on a regular basis, it can also provide added relief for chronic pain and stress in other areas pf your life.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is also proven to help with depression. When combined with meditation it is even more effective compared to those individuals receiving conventional treatments and medications.

Meditation is not a cure all. It is advised that you consult with your doctor if you have any health condition(s) before beginning any meditation practice.

Do not rely solely on meditation or stress reduction techniques to treat or prevent your migraines. Consult your doctor.

A Possible Solution

There are numerous kinds of meditation practices around today that are recommended for pain relief. I have found guided mindfulness meditations to a very effective meditation for migraine pain.

I have a few in my course...

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It's crucial to do your meditation before you reach the "point of no return."

Anything that brings relief is worth a try, never mind complete elimination! Don't you think? And we already know that with migraine, timing is everything. You'll learn about that in the course too!

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Start Today! It's Free To Sign Up. @migrainesavvy


How to be more migraine savvy right now...

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