Natural Migraine Prevention: Vitamins

Being proactive and using vitamins as part of my natural migraine prevention regime is important. But it can be hard to know which ones to take when every article you read says something different.

Natural Migraine Prevention

The vitamins for migraine prevention are quite specific.

If you a regular migraine sufferer you already know that lifestyle and what you eat is important.

Being proactive helps give you back some sense of control.

Below is the Top 10 list of what is most often recommend to take for migraine headache prevention.

My Doctor with the additional nutrition degree recommends these: Magnesium is Number 1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B 2, Fish Oil, daily, along with digestive enzymes and protein shakes.

I also have another page for you with some really great combinations of homeopathic migraine relief mixed with Chinese Medicinal herbs. Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a number of years, I am convinced of their efficacy and significant healing properties.

It's just a matter of experimenting to find what works best for your body.

Use Vitamins and Supplements as Natural Migraine Prevention

Natural Migraine Prevention Fish Oil

In some cases, migraines have stopped for some people from simply taking vitamin B12, or B2, or magnesium.

Lucky people. I have used all of those and still the migraines persist.

Vitamins are proactively helping us to stay healthy resulting in reduced migraine attacks.

There are also helpful herbs like Butterbur and Feverfew that are widely known to reduce attacks. These are preventative.

Or iHerb carries MigraEeze and Migra Mag that both have a nice combination of things that help many of us sufferers. 

Top 10 Migraine Vitamins and Supplements

Here is the Top 10 list of what is most often recommend to take if you get chronic migraines:

1. Magnesium (take at least 300mgs per day)

2. Butterbur

3. Feverfew

4. Co-enzyme Q10

5. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin

6. Alpha Lipoic Acid

7. Fish Oil

8. B vitamins

9. Probiotics

10. Digestive enzymes

And not necessarily in that order. I have added digestive enzymes as they are really important to overall health and have been proven to be supportive between migraine headaches.

Many migraineurs experience digestion problems.

Buy Top Quality Vitamins for Migraines

I am told time and time again that buying good quality vitamins and supplements is essential to being proactive with my migraines. It is just not worth the money if they are not top quality.

Fish oil, for example, needs to be clear of mercury toxicity. My doctor prescribes Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

My favorite place to get vitamins for my migraines, like magnesium and B2 is Click through with the link below to get my code for a discount on your first order.

My very expensive, specialist Doctor only uses Thorne Research Brand.

Which Vitamins Work Best For You? 

Which supplements work best for you?

What natural migraine prevention has stopped your migraines?

Come on over and tell me at fast migraine relief remedies.

I've just started back on vitamin B2. Except this time its the activated form. It's Thorne Research Brand Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate.

I am expecting better results with the activated form due to improved digestibility. But my best results were from taking Vitamin B12. I write about that here.

And SAM-e is supposed to be great to help reduce migraines if they have anything to do with a stressed out liver. So many things to trial.

Sadly, the only thing that aborts an attack for me is taking a triptan. The heavy guns .... oh well. I still prefer a healthy body.

Wishing you a very happy and pain-free day.

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