Migraine Tips - Avoid Conflict at Work

by Barry
(Winnipeg, Canada)

To avoid conflict at work here's what I do:

- I make sure my employer understands my health condition and needs. We negotiated the hours they need from me. I work the hours I am able to each week and bill them for just what I work. I have been able to meet their required hours with flexibility. I am very lucky that way.

- I let go of the idea of rising to the top of my field, earning fame and fortune, and making a name for myself. That part of my life is over. I get daily migraines, so at some point you just have to be real about where you are at.

- I ignore the opinions of friends, family, and co-workers as much as I can. They have their own reasons for wanting me to exceed my limits but I'm the one who has to pay the price! If I over work, my migraines get worse. I know my triggers.

- In case I forget, I have a huge reminder posted on my fridge. I have written myself notes. The title is: "I Am Pain Free" - this is after reading your positive affirmations article.

Anyway, I read the entire thing when I am considering a non-routine activity. I find it’s very effective in helping me give myself permission to say no to all sorts of things.

I still allow myself to exceed certain limits to keep my job but I rarely get sucked into obligations with little up side or that have a lot of migraine risk.

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Avoiding Conflict for Migraine Reduction
by: Holly

Hi Barry,

Thanks so much for sharing your tips for avoiding conflict at work. They were really good. Sorry to hear you are still getting daily migraines, how horrible.

I hope they just disappear tomorrow mysteriously for you.

Stay well. As well as possible.

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