Migraine Boundaries
Saying No

by Amanda S.

Setting boundaries does not eliminate my migraines but it does help reduce stress related migraine headaches for me! I used to be a 'yes' woman and now I make sure I am really clear ahead of time what works for me. Especially around my migraine attacks that are somewhat inflexible (to say the least).

Learn to Say No and Set Limits

Say “No.” When you say no to an emotionally draining person you are saying, "I am as important as you."

It is not necessary to say these words out loud.

All that is necessary is for you to acknowledge to yourself that you and your needs have value and then act on this belief.

The more you flex the "no" muscle, the easier it gets!

Set limits. Setting limits and sticking to them is an excellent tool to use on a regular basis with such people.

Setting the limit is the first step. Then you must follow through.

It's OK to set limits.

Be kind, but be firm.

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Saying No

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Setting Migraine Headache Boundaries
by: Holly

Oh that's excellent, and I'd like to add:

Be clear ahead of time on exactly the outcome you want. Write it all out if that helps you to get clear. Make sure the words are exactly the ones you want to use. Choose gentle words.

Always start your sentence with "I'd really like to xxxx." Instead of "you can't do that" or "I hate when you X. So that makes me Y."

Just try "I'd really like if we could do this differently this year. Perhaps we could try x?"

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