Migraine Survey - What Will Make The Difference?

Are you fed up? Feel like the life you want is passing you by? This migraine survey is to help me see if I can help you in some way. I've had migraines for over twenty years and, being a qualified pain counsellor, I want to help you move forward.

Close your eyes and imagine what your life would look like, and feel like, if you could reduce the impact that migraines are currently having on your life. 

What sort of changes do you want to make in your life that you have just not been able to make happen? Yet!

What would your days look like if you made those changes?

Do you ever feel if you don't do something now, you might be stuck in this same place forever?

If you get migraines, it pays to be proactive. It pays to experiment to find what works. You are in the right place. The survey takes about 3 minutes.

Make sure you tick the box for updates to see the results of the survey, and get more information on my free program.

Do The Migraine Survey

The Migraine Survey

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Pain management
Overwhelming emotions (anxiety, panic)
Inability to work
Inability to function
Dealing with family and friends
Learning how to treat a migraine effectively and abort the next one if possible.
Knowing good ways to reduce stress associated with migraines.
Getting help with decision making (changing jobs to accommodate the migraines for example).
Stopping emotions from overwhelming you before and during an attack.
Doing an interactive course to develop your own pain management plan.
All of the above
None of the above
Once a week for 4 weeks
Once a week for 6 weeks
Once a month
4 days in a row
In my own time