3 Headache Relief Online Courses You Need To Know About Now

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

I was approached to write another migraine headache relief online course, in addition to my first course on migraine pain management... I'll share those details in a moment.

For now, here are the links to all 3 of my courses:

Take advantage of over 20 years of experience at your fingertips to learn targeted, specific migraine treatment and prevention via [the first] online courses to help you live your best life despite migraines. Restore and strengthen your life and body at the same time. 

Learn from anywhere, any time on an affordable platform.

How To Find Help In Other Languages

Is English not your native language?

Remember I said I was approached to write another course?

The request came from a company called Tabletwise. They're providing thousands of classes in the health, wellness, self-improvement, and more, areas for a really great price.

TabletWise provides information that is specific to 75+ countries and in 30+ different languages. It fulfills an important and emerging gap to help everyone, English speaking or not, gain better access to information around medicines and health.

In many developing and under-developed countries, neither the government nor the stakeholders such as pharma companies or hospitals provide this information in local languages.

You'd think now a days with the internet, this information would be easily available... but it's not. This is not the case for most countries and languages around the world, beyond the developed world. 

How To Get Two Of My Migraine Headache Relief Online Courses For Free!


You can get two of my courses included in a Tabletwise subscription. This means they are virtually free.

If you already have a subscription you will pay no more to gain access to my courses.

Click on the Watch Free for a Week button right under the introduction video to get absolutely free access right now.

So click on the links below for more details if you'd like access to my courses... that will be free, along with thousands of other health related topics included in a Tabletwise subscription.

Improve the quality of your life now. Learn everything migraine from me and see what else is there that might help you in other health areas now too.

I'm honored to contribute towards enabling global inclusivity by breaking across traditional boundaries imposed on information by geographies and languages... reaching out and helping those who need it most.