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Migraine Savvy Monthly Newsletter Issue 24 Oct 31st 2013 Migraines: Being Resilient
October 31, 2013

Acute Migraine Attacks: Being Resilient

October 2013 – Issue 24 – Migraines: Being Resilient

The Continuing Pursuit for Migraine Elimination and Pain Reduction

Editors Note: Perfect timing for a little Halloween Hello. Its been ages since I sent out an email and I do apologise. And I’ve been wondering what you might like to be hearing about from me? I feel like we have information overload and I don’t want to be part of that. But I do want to stay in touch with you.

It’s important to stay connected.

Migraines: Being Resilient

I just read something that moved me: it was talking about the thought that we migraineurs are strong people with perseverance and courage to carry on no matter our pain levels.

Many of us never forget our very first migraine headache. The intense pain say of childbirth is often forgotten, but not the first migraine. Many remember where they were, what they were doing, and most likely what they had eaten to trigger the attack.

I remember mine like it was yesterday, but it was over 20 years ago. I was at work having a Kit Kat bar for my 3:00 coffee break and half an hour later whammo - blinding pain in my eyes, vomiting. As I walked through the streets of Sydney, I vomited in a few trash cans. How embarrassing, in this short business skirt. I vomited on the ferry all the way home.

Thank goodness a kind man held onto me so I didn't fall overboard. Maybe the short skirt helped!

I think remembering the pain is important. By remembering the pain, we can also see how far we have come to finding more effective relief. Or for some of us, not quiet there yet – the courage to carry on looking for relief.

Yesterday I wrote about how down I was feeling, and today I am here to write about how resilient we are. This painful condition that we deal with each day changes our lives. From what we once knew as fun and peaceful can be ruined and morphs into something completely different.

What if the something different is a more empowered place, with better boundaries and us knowing ourselves better? We learn our triggers and eventually we learn what works. And then we learn what works even better.

If you are feeling down or in a place of despair due to your migraine attacks, chronic or not, please believe in your own inner strength. Your body may be sick and disabled, but your will and your soul and your heart are not. They are strong, courageous, and your mind by its very nature will continue to look for solutions for you.

Perseverance and patience can become our virtues as migraine sufferers. We can be empowered by knowledge and making better choices in all areas of our lives.

Take pride in your ability to ‘soldier on’ as the Australians say here and push through this illness when you can. Take pride in your ability to persevere and find relief. Take pride in your self for hanging in there.

We are far braver and courageous than we know. “We are strong, not because we push through when we are ill, pretend to feel better than we do, or take the pain without complaining, but because we persevere.”

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In the Spotlight this Month

I don't know where I would be without my ice packs. It's the second thing I grab after my early warning symptoms tell me to take my medications. I can spend up to 10 days straight in migraine, and the ice just soothes the neck pain, eye pain, forehead pain ... Thank God for ice packs I say!

Ice packs for migraine relief

Find your way to reduce stress in your life and tension in your body. Body, mind, spirit ... remember to nurture every level. Having good body awareness will help with treating your migraines.

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Did you know that I offer telephone counseling around the world via Skype video or via telephone with vCita conferencing?

That's right, from the privacy and comfort of your own home you can get professional counseling from me. I have an online booking system to make it even easier to schedule a session. So, you can contact me anytime on-line, book in anytime 24/7, and we will talk as soon as possible.

Free Counseling Sessions

I am moving to Queensland soon so I will be doing some free consultations after I get settled for a while to test out my new system. Let me know if you are interested and we can make some arrangements.

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