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Migraine Savvy Newsletter #36 – Sept 1st 2014 – Robin Williams Death by Depression
September 01, 2014

Death by Depression
How to Stop It?

Sept 2014 – Issue 36

The Continuing Pursuit for Migraine Elimination and Pain Reduction

Having Migraines Can Increase Depression

I was going about my morning routine when I heard of Robin Williams death last month. In my mind I screamed “Oh No!” and then the thought “why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you call someone?” The news of his passing shook me to the core, for some reason.

Perhaps it was my own personal connection to depression, perhaps it was instant mourning of my teenage years and the laughter and relief Robin Williams, as an actor provided to me on so many occasions. But more so it was knowing that depression can be overcome with the right tools.

Being a professional counsellor gives me some of those tools to share. I know how hard it can be to regain hope for the future when it looks bleak.

It is a known fact that having migraines can increase the chance of depression.

Depression is not just a bad mood, it's not just feeling sad for a day or two. It is “a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive and persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self esteem and by a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities” according to Wikipedia .

What You Can Do to Be Proactive?

Know the warning signs. This is a good place to start. In my article Depression Warning Signs I talk about these warning signs in more detail.

Here is a summary:

Behavioral Depression Warning Signs

Each person will experience and exhibit different depression warning signs, so these lists may not include all of the possibilities or combinations of symptoms.

• Loss of interest with the simple pleasures in life.
• Overly sensitive and easy to anger or become irritable.
• Social withdrawal.
• Disregard for self.

Physical Depression Warning Signs

• Extreme weight gain or loss.
• Fatigue and insomnia.
• Aches and pains: Headaches, backaches, and pains in the face and neck are also common depression warning signs.
• Slowing down and loss of energy.
• Changes in personal appearance.
• Constipation.
• Loss of sex drive.
• Loss of concentration.

Emotional Depression Warning Signs

• Sadness without a reason.
• Overwhelming emotions.
• Guilt.
• Unworthiness.
• Suicidal or morbid thoughts.

It is important to know where to get help and support. Form a good support network of people around you that can help. This means finding professionals that specialize in depression and migraines. Start by asking your primary healthcare doctor.

Loosing Robin Williams felt like loosing a dear friend that I have known for over 30 years. I think this is a good time to highlight the devastation depression can bring.

If you experience any of these warning signals above, feel low for longer than say one week, seek professional help. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help ASAP. There are effective tools to help with depression. Don’t wait, get support now.

Here are 2 more articles that I found interesting: Entertainment Weekly - Robin Williams Dead at 63 . And this article from the Sydney Morning Herald on the missing part of Dead Poets Society – which I just never knew: The Robin Williams speech on suicide that was missing from Dead Poets Society .

To all those who loved this man, I send my deepest heartfelt sympathy in your time of grief and thank you for sharing him with me and countless others in this world.

This is a huge reminder to us not to let depression be ignored.

Essential Migraine Tools

Building resilience all starts with having a plan. A pain management plan.

Build Your Own Migraine Tool Kit - Here is our article with eleven steps on exactly how to do it yourself! It has all the forms you need to print out and step by step instructions to navigate your way through effective chronic pain management.

I highly recommend reading Cynthia Perkin's Mindfulness Over Migraines e-book that explains the science behind mindfulness and why it helps migraines. And she explains the method step by step that she uses to eliminate her migraines in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly ... eliminate in 15 minutes. It will be the best $6.99 you ever spend!

Timing is everything when aborting a migraine attack.

Dr. Amy Myers Elimination Diet eCourse is now an essential part of our tool kit. I know it is vital to find our migraine food triggers, and avoid them where ever possible. This e-course will guide you every step of the way.

Share Your Migraine Stories

Remember that your contribution will help others too! We are not in this alone, even though it feels like it most of the time. Our stories and input can help each other. For example, I heard about Naramig from a Shiatsu patient of mine, not my doctor or any of the specialists I had seen! Two years after triptans came on the market. Two years of needless suffering.

This is a safe place to share your challenges and tell your story to people who truly understand what you are going through. Feel free to share your art to inspire us all in our time of need and find solutions with new treatment ideas specific to migraine disease. Get some professional health advice from others that walk this path. Just click on the links underlined above if you would like more details.

We Love to Hear From You

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Have A Session With Me

Did you know that I offer telephone counseling around the world via Skype video or via telephone?

That's right, from the privacy and comfort of your own home you can get professional counseling from me. I am not sure if you know this about me, I have a Masters Degree in Counseling and Applied Psychotherapy (MCAP). I have been counseling people for over 16 years. I would love to be of service where I can.

I have an online booking system to make it easy to schedule a session over different time zones. So, you can contact me anytime on-line, book in 24/7, and we will talk as soon as possible.

I hope you ENJOYED this issue of Surviving Chronic Migraine!

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