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Migraine Savvy Monthly Newsletter Issue 10 December 30th 2011 Migraines and Alcohol
December 30, 2011

Non Alcoholic Beverage Ideas for a Migraine Free Christmas

December 2011 – Issue 10 – Migraines and Alcohol

I decided on an interruption of my 6 Part series of aspects to cover for Migraine health and well being to bring you some seasonal tips for remaining alcohol free and migraine free.

The Triggering Festive Season

Editors Note: I don’t know about you, but this time of year is really difficult for those of us who choose not to drink in order to remain as migraine free as possible. I have not drank alcohol for almost 20 years now, so I almost forget how hard it is to substitute drinks and feel comfortable around those who rejoice in Christmas cheer (drink a lot) this time of year.

Here are some recipes and suggestions for alternative beverages without alcohol if that is one of your triggers. I hope this helps you find some new ways to manage your pain episodes. If it sounds a little tricky - keep reading ... there are lots of recipes.

13 Non alcoholic beverage recipes for:

1. Fresh lemonade.

2. My white wine substitute - Apple juice - 1/4 cup of organic apple juice concentrate to 1 liter of filtered or sparkling water. Mix, chill and enjoy. Serve in white wine glass.

3. Guava and apple juice - store bought - I buy Phoenix brand (from New Zealand) which is organic. Too Easy!

4. Apple cider - also store bought - organic is best.

5. Black Tea punch with orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and ginger ale.

6. Iced Tea with mint.

7. Cranberry juice (with half sparkling mineral water) or a fancy cosmopolitan.

8. Tonic water and fresh lime juice, or if you prefer something sweeter use soda water and fresh lime juice.

9. Tomato juice with a fresh squeeze of lime juice.

10. Pomegranate juice spiced with cinnamon, mineral water and cranberries or pomegranate juice with sparkling mineral water.

11. Non alcoholic eggnog with the usual eggs, nutmeg, vanilla, milk and sugar.

12. Hot mulled apple cider with orange, cloves, spices and berries.

13. Sparkling Punch with lemonade, club soda, and sparkling apple cider.

Remember to click on the recipes link above if you’d like to print them out.

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I hope you ENJOYED this issue of The Pain Chronicles!

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Talk to you next month, until then, I wish you many Migraine FREE days.

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