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Migraine Savvy Monthly Newsletter Issue 14 April 30th 2012 Saline Injections reduce migraines
April 30, 2012

Saline Injections
for Migraine Reduction

April 2012 – Issue 14 – Saline Injections

The continuing pursuit for migraine elimination and pain reduction

Editors Note: In research trials they used saline injections as a placebo and the results were almost identical within the study group and the placebo group. I had high hopes for this solution to provide me with some respite from these horrific migraines that I get for 20 days each month. I feel like my entire life is centered on analyzing all of the aspects required to provide optimum conditions to promote vibrant good health and well being in order to eliminate migraines from my life permanently.

It feels like my quest!

My personal results

In the research trials, saline had almost the same results as Botox injections for migraine headaches. Shhhhh - keep that quiet! Botox costs much more to make than saline! I have been for three treatments now, three months apart for saline injections. The injections sites are identical to the Botox injection sites, and the procedure is the same. The Neurologist I see specializes in Botox but because of the other health condition I have (CFS) suggested trialling the saline first.

As I strive for a better and pain free life, I wonder if anyone really knows anything about these chronic migraines of mine. Each and every health practitioner I see tells me something different. And mostly they assure me that if we work together I will most likely see some reduction in intensity or severity. Well I am sad to say that the saline injections did not work. The very first month I had my lowest month every at 7 migraines in a month, and my hopes spiraled up towards the thoughts of finally finding a cure, but I have since gone back up to 13, and then to 20 days. So … it’s back to the drawing board for me.

Finding what works is still on my agenda. My next step is trigger point therapy, and prolotherapy or platelet rich plasma injections (with Dr. Lim at Northside Physical Medicine) injections and then if that doesn't have a significant enough effect, I will try Botox injections. At least I still have a few options to try. I just don’t want to give trying to find my solution to effective pain reduction or give up on my hope of complete elimination.

Stubbornness runs in my family.

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My Questions to You

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Other Useful Migraine Aids

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The next issue is: Issue 15 – Trigger Point Injections for Migraine Reduction

Normal muscle function provides easy movement for limbs and joints. You should not experience pain from pressure, tight bands or muscle knots or twitching in response to pressure with normal healthy functioning muscles. Trigger points are formed and activated by acute overload, overuse, over stretching, direct impact, injury and fatigue.

It may take years to fully recover from an injury and trigger points can remain latent for years after causing mild to severe dysfunction. What do we really know about this in relation to migraines?

I hope you ENJOYED this issue of The Pain Chronicles!

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Talk to you next month, until then, I wish you many Migraine FREE days.

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