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Oops! Can't Believe I Did This – Open Now!
January 26, 2024

Oops! Can't Believe I Did This – Open Now!

Boy! Did I get this backwards!

Hello my friend,

I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to give you a quick heads-up about some exciting changes happening behind the scenes here at Migraine Savvy.

I'm thrilled to share that I'm upgrading the email service to bring you an even better experience. You should have already received an extra email a few days ago and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and not letting you know first.

Once the upgrade is complete, you can look forward to receiving a more engaging weekly update directly from me via our new and improved platform, GROW.

Now, here's something I don't want you to miss out on! The Migraine World Summit kicks off on March 6th, and I personally want to invite you to register for this incredible event. It's an opportunity to gain valuable insights and resources to manage migraines effectively.

Secure your spot now by clicking on this link - 2024 Migraine World Summit

Read more on the blog:

>> Migraine World Summit: Experts Right in Your Living Room!

>> Migraine World Summit Event Dates

I appreciate your understanding during this transition, and I'm genuinely excited about the positive changes ahead.

Your continued support means the world to me.

Until next time, stay well and be pain free... as pain free as possible.



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A Personal Note

You may already know that I've been studying our brains potential to change for many years now. And more recently I've been doing brain retraining including lots of dancing and laughter yoga. So, I am starting to take a different direction in future blog posts.

I'll be sharing more joy, laughter and feel-good endorphins with you to help you make some forward progress your health journey. YAY!

You'll find loads of laughs on my new website -

There are over 400 pages of serious well researched migraine treatment, prevention, medication and just everything migraine still here. But from now on… it’s going to be more about fun and laughter to move your brain away from engrained chronic pain conditioning patterns.

And that’s ALL GOOD NEWS!!!

You can start here - Laughter Yoga For Headache Relief: Easing Pain with Joy


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