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Migraine Savvy Monthly Newsletter Issue 9 November 30th 2011 This Tip is Almost Too Easy!
November 30, 2011

Family Relationships
This Tip is Almost Too Easy!

November 2011 – Issue #009 – Family Relationships

Welcome to Part 4c of my 6 Part series of aspects to cover for Migraine health and well being.

Physical – Emotional – Intellectual – Social – Spiritual – Financial

Editors Note: I don’t know how your migraines affect your relationships but I have come to realize that my personal approach to dealing with my pain has a ripple effect into my close and family relationships. Here are some helpful tips to help cope with your family relationships by changing how you manage your pain. Sound tricky? Keep reading ...

Part 4c – Family Relationships

The best tip I ever read was in Migraines for Dummies where they say to handle your home life – which translates to family members – give them a to do list! Yes that is why I said this tip is almost too easy!

Let the people you live with know what you need from them. You can have a list on the side of the fridge that say’s emergency migraine list:

1. Be Quiet.
2. Feed cat at 5pm
3. Walk dog at 6:30pm
4. Make dinner or feed the children by 5:30pm
5. Bring loved one a fresh ice pack every two hours whilst remaining perfectly quiet. Walk slowly into the room – its dark!
6. Bring hot water bottle every three hours
7. Refill water glass beside bed (please)
8. Check every three hours to see if I’m still breathing

Ok – maybe not that last one – but you get the idea. Oh – and make a list for the kids, get them involved too. Explain as much as you can, set up some headache rules. Don’t expect really young children to understand but make a point of trying to explain when you are well. Keep a routine in between attacks.

The book also says it’s helpful to educate your family and give them ample reassurance. Educate them on migraines and dispel any myths and misconceptions and find some good websites as references. You can forward them this email for starters.

Let them know that migraines are unpredictable and they are not caused by them. Some relatives can jump to the wrong conclusion if you cancel on a family gathering and assume that you just don’t want to be there. No matter how much education you give them, some of them will just believe that anyway. You can only do what you can do!

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The next issue is: Issue 10 - Part 4d –Relationship with Self

Note to Self!

When you have a migraine coming on – do you a) get really angry that you are getting another migraine b) just take your medications and go to bed or c) be kind and gentle like you were taking care of a small 5 year old ...

I hope you ENJOYED this issue of The Pain Chronicles!

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