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Does Magnesium Help a Headache?
April 02, 2022

Does Magnesium Help a Headache?

Yes! No. Maybe...

Hello again my friend,

Thank you for all your responses, WOW! I’m so excited… I’m just tallying the results and will keep you posted.

In case you didn’t get that email... I’m thinking of doing a few more books and journals. I’m adding more FUN to each day! So here are 2 new ideas, please reply to this email with your top option choice(s) and go into a free draw to win the first copy free (when it’s ready). YAY!

Option 1: Magnesium supplement testing journal

I get so many questions about which magnesium to use I thought it might be helpful to share the supplement journal I have used for testing for decades now. It’s easy to use and a great way to see patterns.

Sometimes when you test a few different things it’s hard to remember the results. Especially a year later. So, this can be a faster option for you to find what works for you.

Plus, I’ll discuss each type of magnesium and why you should try it for specific results.

Here's a link to my page on that to get us started - Which magnesium is best for migraines?

Option 2: Tips for neck pain – my 3 top movements that ease neck pain using Shiatsu and Qigong.

I woke up with neck pain this morning and thought of you. And I knew a migraine was on its way. :-(

I wondered what you did to relieve your sore neck. You know how sore and tense your neck can get before an attack.

As I was doing my shiatsu movements, I also wondered if you knew that the nerves cross over in the neck so it's good to treat both sides. Then I thought of maybe sharing that all in an e-book with a video! Or something like that. These are some great movements to work on that lingering neck pain between attacks too.

And they might save you some money on chiropractic / osteopath bills!

I’m thinking – simple – fast – free!

Over to you... what is your favorite option or options – just copy and paste for your reply...

My #1 choice is – Help finding the best magnesium
My #1 choice is – Neck pain relief
My #2 choice is –

Let me know if you like both ideas! But put your FAV first.

OK, that’s it for this week.

I'm so appreciative that you stay in touch and allow me into your inbox from time to time... do take care of yourself.

Until next time, stay well and be pain free... as pain free as possible, and I hope to see you loitering around my website!



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