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Is Your Migraine from H.I.T? Migraine Savvy Newsletter #65 Aug 19th
August 19, 2016

Is Your Migraine from H.I.T?

Aug 2016 – Issue 65

The Continuing Pursuit for Migraine Elimination and Pain Reduction

Sorry I'm late this month. 16 days of migraine always puts me back a little. I know you can relate.

So, is your migraine from HIT? Histamine Intolerance.

If you get a headache after eating read this post.

Short and sweet his month. This is the post about DAO I've been promising. The new natural migraine treatment.

Hot eBooks

One: I highly recommend reading Cynthia Perkin's Mindfulness Over Migraines ebook that explains the science behind mindfulness and why it helps migraines.

And she explains the method step by step that she uses to eliminate her migraines in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly ... eliminate in 15 minutes. It will be the best $6.99 you ever spend!

Timing is everything when aborting a migraine attack. Do you know your tipping point? You will after you read her book. It changed everything for me.

Two: I've changed my way of eating after reading this ebook Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: How To Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicines By Angela A. Stanton Ph.D.

It is a new way to think about food. "Not again!" I can hear you saying. But truly - I've reduced my migraine frequency and feel better overall. And I'm just getting started.

Angela Stanton PhD. cured ... yes cured her migraines, and hundreds of her followers, after almost twenty years of suffering.

It is about balancing our delicate electrolytes, say no more! You will have to read the book. For under $5.00 US on Kindle it is worth experimenting with, now. Why wait!

My motto is to end needless suffering. The sooner, the better.

Share Your Story

As you know, pain is very distracting and disruptive. It is very hard to think straight with a migraine. Even if the pain phase is covered by your abortive, you may still experience confusion or an array of other migraine symptoms.

How do you cope?

What do you struggle with most?

Post your story with those of us who understand completely. Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly! We get it.

I love Paula Dumas' saying on her Facebook page - "People who don't get migraines, don't get migraines."

Come on board and have your own webpage on Migraine Savvy.

I hope you ENJOYED this issue of Surviving Chronic Migraine!

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And before I forget!

Please share this with your friends and family.

It’s time to spread the word about Migraines and educate our loved ones!

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I hope you come back and visit us again and again to see what's new.

P.S. If you’re still looking for tools to reduce your migraines, click here:

How to Treat a Migraine

Help for Migraines: Build Your Own Tool Kit

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