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NEWSFLASH!!!!! gammaCore for Migraine is finally FDA approved!!!
January 31, 2018


The gammaCore device designed specifically to treat Migraine has been FDA approved!!!

This is just a short note to let you know the gammaCore device has been approved by the FDA... this is HUGE news.

You can read my post for more details Top Migraine Headache Relief - gammaCore Device

If you missed the last email, there were some other great developments! Check out my Migraine News post for the most recent breakthroughs in helping us migraine sufferers.... YAY!

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P.S. If you want to learn some techniques to help reduce stress, here is a link to my eBook: Migraine Management: How to Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain and Prevent Attacks

P.S.S. And you can get lots of free information in my Migraine Pain Management Course as module one is free. You can learn about the basics and how to get your best chance at aborting the next attack.

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