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In just 24 hours...
March 26, 2022

In just 24 hours...

A book sale to celebrate the end of this years Migraine World Summit

Hello again my friend,

As I promised, here is the book on sale this week to celebrate the end of 9 spectacular days of the Migraine World Summit.

If you missed the summit this year, you can still buy the whole series of interviews from the TOP migraine specialists in the world.

This type of expert education is absolutely essential if you want to manage your attacks more effectively.

Here’s that link just in case you missed it - Migraine World Summit 2022

AND for the next 24 hours this book is on sale, just for you...

Stress Management Journal for Migraine Relief: 8 Weeks To Less Stress was $16.99 is on sale for $9.99.

Here’s the link to my bookstore

Please keep a lookout for my emails over the next few weeks or so as I will be having different sales on different e-books, sharing some new ideas, and you may even receive a special discount code to get some more things for FREE... so stay tuned.



That’s it for now.

I'm so appreciative that you stay in touch and allow me into your inbox from time to time... do take care of yourself.

Until next time, stay well and be pain free... as pain free as possible!


P.S. Investing in the Migraine World Summit will support the Migraine Research Foundation and other organizations dedicated to fighting migraine.

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Ways I Can Help Right Now...

#1. If you want to learn some techniques to help reduce stress, here's a link to my eBook: Migraine Management: How to Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain and Prevent Attacks

#2. You can get a lot of free information in my Migraine Pain Management Course as module one is free. You can learn about the basics and how to get your best chance at aborting your next attack. What are you waiting for? It's FREE!

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