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Could Your Doctor Be Giving You The Wrong Treatment?
March 10, 2019

Could Your Doctor Be Giving You The Wrong Treatment?

1 out of 20 chronic migraine patients are accurately diagnosed

A recent study led by researcher Dr. Richard Lipton found that just 1 out of 20 chronic migraine patients are accurately diagnosed and given a minimally effective, guideline-recommended treatment by their doctor.

That means that 19 out of 20 are potentially given the wrong treatment or misdiagnosed.

The odds are terribly stacked against us, but how would you even know if you were the lucky 1 out of 20?

The unfortunate truth is, most of us with chronic migraine are being inadequately treated.

How are we expected to know better than trained medical professionals who are getting this so wrong?

We have no other choice but to inform ourselves. But how? We’re not doctors and a medical degree is not exactly a small commitment or expense…

Introducing the Migraine World Summit. It’s a free and online event which gives you the facts you need to better understand and control your condition. It helps you ensure you’re getting the right diagnosis and treatment.

The Summit isn’t designed to replace your doctor. It is designed to help you work in partnership with your healthcare professional to achieve your best possible results.

The Migraine World Summit returns March 20-28, 2019 to bring together 32 top experts including doctors and specialists, who share new treatments, research and best practices to manage migraine and chronic headache.

This virtual Summit is available from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Claim your FREE ticket now with this link: Migraine World Summit

Find The Answers

Join more than 100,000 new and returning attendees and tune in to 32 NEW interviews to find the answers you need to better manage migraine and chronic headache. Questions answered include:

• What new treatments are available or coming soon?

• What can I learn from successful patient case studies?

• What new non-medicinal alternatives are recently available?

• How can I break refractory chronic migraine?

• When should I get a scan for my headache condition?

• How are neck pain and migraine related?

• How important are sleep and exercise really for those with migraine?

• Are supplements or vitamins worth considering?

• What are some common drug interactions and side effects we should know about?

• What do I need to know about hemiplegic and vestibular migraine?

• How important is diet for migraine and headache?

The virtual Migraine World Summit is free from March 20-28th, 2019.

Register now for your complimentary pass.

Claim your FREE ticket now: The 2019 Migraine World Summit

See you at the Summit!


P.S. Investing in the Migraine World Summit will support the Migraine Research Foundation and other organizations dedicated to fighting migraine.

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