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What's new in migraine world?
March 04, 2017

What's new in migraine world?

Mar 2017 – Issue 73

Tools to Build Up Your Resilience Muscles

Sorry I missed emailing you last month, I've been a busy migraine free girl!

Ok, not free, but only 3 days each for the last few months, so I am one happy lady.

I am so excited, I just have to share what's new and what's coming up again.

My new book and my new course should be ready in a few weeks. So make sure you stay tuned for the launch dates if you are interested.

And, another fantastic thing - is that the Migraine World Summit is coming around again - so click on this link and mark your calendar for 23rd - 29th of April. I booked a whole week off last year to watch it.

It was all A M A Z I N G !

So I will keep you posted on the launches, but for now, make sure you sign up for your free ticket for the summit - Migraine World Summit

Pass this on ...

Before I forget!

Please share this with your friends and family.

Take this time to become better informed about your migraine disorder and educate your loved ones! Help out other migraine sufferers too.

They can click on this link to join the mailing list as well.

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