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Why I'm Looking Forward to the 2022 Migraine World Summit
February 16, 2022

Why I'm Looking Forward to the 2022 Migraine World Summit

Put these dates in your diary right now - March 16-24th... and be sure to register for it right now if you haven't already.

Hello again my friend,

Here's the story of one person with migraine disease and what the Migraine World Summit meant to her.

For me, migraine started happening later in life. Blinding, pounding headaches that arrived in the night, accompanied by severe nausea. At first, I wrote it off to a bad meal. But one night I noticed that the left side of my body was feeling... different. After five hours in the emergency room, the diagnosis was hemiplegic migraine.

And so began my journey. So many new words and terms ‒ triggers, aura, prodrome, postdrome, triptans, Botox, CGRP. I was both hungry for information and overwhelmed by it.

In the winter of 2021, I stumbled upon an online event called the Migraine World Summit. Then in its sixth year, this exceptional nine-day event gave me and others with migraine disease access to an amazing diversity of information from the world’s leading researchers and clinicians. I didn’t have to get on a plane either. Sitting at my computer, at my convenience, I could listen and learn. Each day included four 30-minute, one-on-one interviews on topics varying from the newest drugs and treatments to understanding triggers, nutrition and exercise, and strategies for managing migraine.

One person’s comment summed up what really impressed me:

“The people on the front line of migraine clinical care and research were right on my laptop sharing the latest research and best practices.”

The summit gave me...

Experts from all over the world. It gave me the opportunity to learn from doctors and researchers from across the globe. No need to dig through scientific journals. The people on the front line of migraine clinical care and research were right on my laptop, sharing the latest research and best practices.

Empathy, not just sympathy. Because many of these experts do clinical work as well as research, they exhibited a deep understanding of what people living with migraine experience. I was also surprised to learn that many of the presenters had migraine disease themselves.

Simple language but not simplistic. The interviewees and interviewers spoke in a language that lay people could understand but without “dumbing it down.” The discussions were intelligent and accessible.

Knowledgeable interviewers. A good interviewer makes for a great interview. The Migraine World Summit interviewers themselves were steeped in the latest research and understood what people with migraine are up against.

“I felt part of a larger community, one that understands what I face.”

Validation and support. Migraine can be isolating. Family and friends are sympathetic but unless they’ve experienced migraine, it’s difficult for them to understand that it’s not “just a headache.” Listening to the presenters describe what their patients feel and say, I felt part of a larger community, one that understands what I face. I also came away feeling stronger, more educated and better able to advocate for myself with medical professionals.

“I came away feeling better able to advocate for myself.”

Convenient, digestible, and affordable. 32 interviews spread over eight days is very manageable. It’s free; you can watch each day’s interviews at any time that works for you within 24 hours of each day of the event. If you choose a conference pass ‒ enabling you to watch any of the programs at any time indefinitely ‒ it’s well-priced.

Click here to register now – The 2022 Migraine World Summit

Apt topics

Whether you’ve just started experiencing migraine or have been dealing with it for years, there’s something for you to learn at the 2022 Migraine World Summit. Here’s a sample of topics in this year’s Summit:

● The Latest Developments in Migraine Research

● The Latest New Treatments for Migraine

● 10 Steps to Migraine Management

● Staying Hopeful: Treatment Burnout in Chronic Disease

● How a Nutritionist Manages Migraine

● New Daily Persistent Headache: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

● Finding Migraine Relief with Natural Alternatives

● Drug-free Devices for Modulating Migraine

● Physical Therapy Modalities for Headache and Pain

● Best Practices for Treating Children with Migraine

● The Latest Cannabis Research for Migraine

Join us

Join us on March 16-24 for the 7th Migraine World Summit.

Get free access when you register today. Here's the link - Migraine World Summit

Do not miss this event. It could change your life... seriously!

Need more deets? You can go straight to the schedule of speakers and topics here - Migraine World Summit Schedule 2022

Even if you can't watch all of the interviews, just one or two could initiate the change you need to reduce attacks. Any attack prevented is a victory!



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Until next time, stay well and be pain free... as pain free as possible, and I hope to see you at the summit!


P.S. Investing in the Migraine World Summit will support the Migraine Research Foundation and other organizations dedicated to fighting migraine.

P.S.S. Time zone: This global event is hosted in the USA. Times and schedules are based in USA Eastern time (the New York time zone). For Australia, the Summit will commence on March 17th at 9:00 am (AEDT). Register to see the whole schedule.

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