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June 19, 2019

Surprise #3

I’ve done two new courses!

#1. How to Manage Anxiety and Depression from Your Migraines

#2. Meditations and Energetic Healing for Migraine Sufferers: Heal from the Inside Out.

I was approached to write this course to help you lift depression and anxiety – it’s called – How to Manage Anxiety and Depression from Migraines. I wanted to say from TOO MANY migraines… but the title was just getting too long.

I’m looking for Beta testers to go through each course for a reduced price… are you interested?

The price will creep up every 24 hours… so the faster you enroll, the cheaper it will be. I’ll be doing this over the next 3 days starting right now… so have a look at the curriculum details as I’d love to work closely with you on this.

I’ll also ask these things of you:

1. That you give me feedback via email while you work your way through the course (approximately 3 hours of video and audio in both), or open discussion and comments within the course itself. I’m making myself available until the end of the month to help celebrate migraine awareness month.

2. Provide a positive testimonial. Any negatives can be worked out via email... I would hope.

3. Fill out the feedback form at the end.

4. Join the Facebook support group and introduce yourself. And only interact if you want to after that.

I look forward to collaborating on this with you. Your help Is invaluable to me. I’m already excited about your feedback and looking forward to connecting with you… in person.

So... you’ll get free access to my Facebook support group. Everyone seems a little shy to join so far.

It’s so important to connect to others in migraine support groups who completely understand living with chronic migraine and all the impacts they bring with them.

Here’s the link - ENROLL HERE NOW


Don't miss the chances to educate yourself and improve your coping skills... they really could change your life!

That's the plan... a happier, healthier you!

Hope to see you on the inside,


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2 Ways I Can Help Right Now...

#1. If you want to learn some techniques to help reduce stress, here's a link to my eBook: Migraine Management: How to Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain and Prevent Attacks

#2. You can get a lot of free information in my Migraine Pain Management Course as module one is free. You can learn about the basics and how to get your best chance at aborting your next attack. What are you waiting for? It's FREE!

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