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How To Beat Unfair Migraine Odds
April 04, 2018

How To Beat Unfair Migraine Odds

April 2018

The odds are stacked unfairly against those of us with frequent migraine.

There are two important reasons why.

#1 - The typical family doctor or general physician has committed just four hours of headache education in their undergraduate medical degree. That's not a mistake. Four hours. This figure was confirmed by the World Health Organisation in their 'Atlas of Headache Disorders' Report.

#2 - A published peer-reviewed study by Dr. Richard Lipton examining the barriers to diagnosis and treatment of migraine found that just 1 out of every 20 patients with chronic migraine visited the doctor, received an accurate diagnosis and a minimally effective guideline recommended treatment. That means 19 out of 20 patients with chronic migraine aren't getting the right treatment or have been misdiagnosed!

Is it any wonder why so many of us are suffering with such debilitating and frequent attacks? How are we supposed to have hope when the chances of such basic care are so low?

That’s why I'm supporting the Migraine World Summit which is the largest global patient event in the world for headache. It is an online destination where world-leading doctors, researchers, experts and scientists share the latest knowledge, findings and insights. It’s free and online each year for a week in April. In 2018 the event will run for 9 days from 18-26 April.


It is important to mention that a cure for migraine doesn't exist. Researchers and geneticists are making progress but they aren’t there yet. That doesn’t mean that you cannot get better, and in some cases, much better.

The typical migraine patient should aim for a 50% reduction in migraine frequency with good treatment. And up to an 80% or more reduction when you combine several effective treatment and preventative strategies together.

Some patients get lucky and experience a full remission from migraine altogether, but this is not typical.

What is typical is greater confidence, control and a reduction in migraine frequency that comes from learning from some of the best migraine doctors, researchers and specialists in the world.

There will be 31 experts from leading institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, John Hopkins Hospital, and the International Headache Society.

Claim your FREE ticket now at the following link: Migraine World Summit

See you at the Summit!

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