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Before I share this with anyone else
June 01, 2017

Before I share this with anyone else...

My e-book will be .99 cents in June for Migraine Awareness Month

Remember the migraine survey you did a while ago? Well this is the result. The survey showed you wanted help with: #1 dealing with overwhelming emotions and stress and #2 was finding effective pain management. So, as a qualified counsellor I thought it a good idea to write a book on stress reduction techniques and then grew a whole migraine pain management course.

My e-book (on Amazon kindle) will be .99 cents from June 1 to the 30th. This means it will be .99 cents for the rest of the month to support Migraine Awareness. After that it will go back to its original price, so grab it at a discount.

Please make sure you give me some feedback and leave (hopefully a positive) review in Amazon. I do love to hear from you.

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Pass this on ...

Please share this with your migraine suffering friends and family.

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