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Do migraines cause mood swings?
June 10, 2018
Hello my friend,

Do migraines cause mood swings?

June 2018 – Issue 94

YES, THEY DO! I know that for sure!

It’s so important to know that a migraine is not just the pain phase, it’s the whole biological chain of events. And this includes mood swings that can occur days before the pain phase hits.

And as always, here’s my back up research from Dr. David Dodick of the Mayo clinic, from a response back in 2010 in the Consults Blogs of the New York Times [1].

Dr. Dodick states that "about 75 percent of migraine sufferers will experience non-headache premonitory symptoms prior to the headache pain." He goes on to say that "patients experience a range of cognitive, emotional and physical symptoms in this phase; the most common include feeling tired and weary, difficulty concentrating, stiff neck, dizziness, light and noise sensitivity, yawning and depression or irritability."

There, you see… it's not just you. Many of us migraine sufferers get symptoms prior to the pain phase and that includes mood swings. And these can come anywhere from 6 – 24 hours before the pain phase.

In fact, the changes associated with a migraine attack can occur in the brain up to 3 days before hand and a day after the head pain begins!

The disability associated with a migraine attack cannot be measured by the duration of the pain phase alone.

So, this is important for you to know for 2 reasons. You now know a migraine is on its way – due to your mood swings – and you can identify this as an early warning sign so you can take action and treat it more effectively.

Here’s my full post on a book I’ve been considering writing to cover all of the emotional aspects of migraine… let me know what you think… Emotional Phases of Migraine... BRACE FOR IMPACT

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[1] Dodick, D. MD. Mayo clinic, (2010) Consults Blogs of the New York Times. Can Migraines Cause Mood Swings? Available [online] at: Accessed May 18, 2018

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