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What do you plug into?
May 28, 2017

What do you plug into?

June is Migraine Awareness Month

Thank you to all who enrolled in the beta test version of my migraine pain management course. You guys are rock stars. And I hope you get as much out of it, as I did preparing and writing it. I got to work with some amazing professionals in course development and editors. I covered all the bases of migraine suffering - IMO!

June is migraine awareness month and I have a surprise for you, so be sure to open the June 1st email!

One of the top posts this month was Serious Electric Migraine Relief which led me to ask "What do you plug into?" There are a few key devices available now for migraine relief. You can read that post here Electric Migraine Relief Solutions

I think we all look for natural alternatives to medications for so many reasons. So this article has some good choices. I’ve heard the gammaCore device is better than Cefaly. What’s your experience?

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