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Stop Migraines
by: Holly


Your story sounds sadly familiar! #1 You are not complaining ... not here .... no way! And #2 I hope this is not your last doctor, but the first doctor who can help you the way you want to be helped.

I have a number of questions, so I hope you feel OK to reply. If not, we can do this by private email too!

1. What type of migraines have you been diagnosed with?

2. What have you tried already? (Triptan medications are the most effective pain abortive and there are quite a few different kinds to try with different delivery systems - link below).

3. The bad news is that your migraines may never stop, but they might too. The good news is that you might find your trigger(s) and then you should be able to find some things the help abort the pain and or help reduce the symptoms and vomiting.

As I could type forever, I will ask - have you read these posts? They should get you started:

How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat

Migraine Doctor: 10 Tips to Plan Ahead

In This List of Migraine Medications - Which One Is Best for You?

Migraine Prevention Medications: aka Prophylactics

Please stay in touch (if you'd like) .... let's see if we can figure something out that will help you manage your pain better. I am not a doctor, and you have had them a long time, seen lots of MD's so you know heaps already. But you just never know ... I am here and if I can help ... that would be great.

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