Torturous Migraines

by Sandra
(Sunrise Beach)

Unfair, destroying, painful ... painful .... painful.

It makes me so sad to have migraines interrupt my life. I get them almost daily and I can't take triptans. I have heart issues so they are not for me.

I like reading about how you stay positive and happy. Or healthy, I am not sure if you are happy. How can I be happy with this constant pain and then the constant threat of pain? Chronic illness sucks.

Thanks for listening. I am being tortured now, have to go. Tortuous migraines.

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Daily Migraines
by: Holly

Sandra, I hear your struggle. It is very hard to be happy. I am always happier when I have been migraine free for a few days.

I did struggle a lot before I decided to study counseling. I ended up doing a Masters Degree, which looking back is pretty amazing considering the migraines.

I know we struggle, but all I can say is that if you can do one small thing every day to bring joy into your life, it will make you feel happier.

Simple things like - sing your favorite song, or just listen to it. Take some time for you. Meditating has served me well over the years. I listen to something to relax me when I feel the impending doom of a migraine attack coming.

I go for walks often - as that makes me feel happy. So I ask you .... what is the one thing you can do today - migraine or not - what can you do just to make you feel happy?

Watch a funny movie, find the ice pack for your head, rest, walk, play, cycle, do some yoga, phone a friend. Delegate something you just don't want to do tomorrow (tee hee). If you can't think of anything email me.

Let's find something fun. It took me and can take me some time to find what is fun in life. It keeps throwing migraine curve balls!

Stay well and keep in touch.

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