Smelling Smoke From a Block Away

by Heidi
(Brisbane, Australia)

I think my most annoying migraine symptom is smelling things too much. I feel like after all these years of having intense migraines, I can smell things that are either not even close to me, or don't exist. I am just hypervigilent now - way too over sensitive.

What can I do? Smoke and (any) perfume just triggers me instantly.

Like my neighbor, two doors down, sits outside on the front balcony and smokes all day. I can smell it all morning and just keep closing my door and then opening it, closing it, etc. I have a new fan to blow it outwards, but it doesn't always work.

I notice if he only has three cigarettes of a morning I can be OK. But then some days, and I don't know why - I trigger at the very first one. I am sure it has to do with wind direction, I tell myself. Not that I am a psycho!

Last week, I went over and asked him if he could smoke out back and he said "How can you smell that two doors down 'mate'? And how dare you come over and tell me not to smoke in my own home." I replied, "ah, but you see, herein lies the problem, you are not smoking in your home, you are smoking in mine!"

Anyway, it ended amicably with me saying, "Ok I just wanted to see if there were any other options to save me getting a 5 day migraine again and vomiting all morning."

And so it goes, I feel with nothing changing. Smoke triggers my migraines, and that's a fact. Any ideas on what else to do? I am feeling a bit defeated.

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Smoke Triggering Migraines
by: Holly

Hi Heidi,

Smoke triggers my migraines too so I can honestly say I know how you feel. In New South Wales they have current by-laws that state you can no longer smoke on balconies .... I have been told that the Queensland Government is considering it. 1 January, 2015 they are introducing a distance limit around smoking near schools.

Lets pray its only a short time before they implement the same by-laws as NSW.

From The Courier Mail dated Feb 6, 2014 "Lighting up on balconies could be banned" by Michael Matusik. He talks about this hot topic being under the microscope.

In NSW newly proposed "smoking-specific" laws will provide residents and bodies corporate with more "teeth" to deal with the increasing problem of "smoke drift in strata buildings."

So hopefully, if you can enforce this new by-law, occupants who disregard the "smoke-free building rules could find themselves facing hefty fines."

In Queensland under the current legislation, smoking is prohibited on common areas and shared facilities of community title schemes.

This is still a grey area, as the balconies are not common property. But during 2014 an independent review will be undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology, so let’s see what they find.

The article says that further inquiries can be made at should you like more information.

To read the full article - here is the link

Please call me or email me so we can have a longer chat about feeling defeated.

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