SCIO Biofeedback for Migraines?

by Ray
(Northern California)

Greetings Holly,

My wife Ruthy suffered from debilitating migraines 4 or 5 times a year since she was a kid.

We made an appointment (more out of curiosity regarding what biofeedback is) with a biofeedback administrator.

As the administrator went through the biofeedback scanning process, she stated that the software had detected a parasite which has been known to cause migraine headaches.

The administrator then asked my wife if my wife would give consent to use a frequency to kill the parasite. My wife gave the administrator consent.

That was almost a year ago and my wife has not had one migraine since.

If fact, my wife is currently in training to become a biofeedback administrator.

It does seem that there are many causes (such as stress) for migraine headaches, and one less known cause seems to be a parasite.

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Killing Parasites That Cause Migraines
by: Holly

Oh Ray,

That is wonderful news that your wife found her cure. WOW!

And yes, I agree. Parasite exposure is a rare cause. I'm suspecting you found my page on this topic - Causes of Migraine Headache - Can They Be From Parasites?

And that's also wonderful news that she is training in that area now.

There are a number of machines like this... the Listen System, and Orion are two I have worked with for many years. Sadly, neither of them had any effect whatsoever on my migraines.

But it cleared all parasites and other nasties (from years of travelling) over the years. There was a lot of down time and feeling poorly between treatments... just something to be aware of. The die off!

The more common biofeedback used for migraines is a little different - you can read about it here if you'd like - Biofeedback and Migraines

It has more to do with controlling your heart rate and breath. But you probably already know this. I'm so pleased she found what worked!

It can take many years of trial and error... so well done Ruthy!

Thanks for getting in touch. It's so important to find what works!

Do stay in touch,

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