Relentless Migraines

Hi Holly,

Oh this is great! Here are some words I use:

Frustrating, silencing, impacting, continuous, on and on and on.


Hey Holly,

Great topic. I use these ones to describe my migraine attacks:

shooting, shocking, surprising, inflexible, relentless, reckless, destructive, broken, intolerable.


Migraine Savvy,

Thanks for supplying some of these words I can use with my doctor. I have a hard time describing the attacks but here are some that come to mind:

abby normal (for when I am trying to be funny), throbbing, lightning bolts, blurred vision, snotty, alone, lonesomeness, silence required, war zone, terrifying, searching, seeking, finding nothing but pain.


Ok ... words to describe migraine that are not swear words ... that's a hard one.



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Throbbing Migraines
by: Holly

I have been told to use these with my doctor - like doctor language to describe the pain:

throbbing, shooting, piercing, stabbing.

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