Palo Santo Smudging

by Joey Renee Dalusio
(Coral Springs Florida)

Incense Is No Longer a Headache Trigger for Me

Hello Migraine Savvy,

I hope that this perspective will enlighten you and not trigger anything upsetting in you as it is coming from a truly caring heart sending out love healing and light your way!

For years my husband would burn incense and it would start such a terrible cycle of me choking and getting headaches and what I always perceived as allergies. It would ruin my day quite literally. I could not understand how anyone could enjoy what felt like a destroyer of perfectly good oxygen.

Then about 3 years ago I had a chance to begin a beautiful healing journey in my life both physically and mentally that changed everything in my world. I worked with native medicine men and women who began to show me about the energy I am and how all things that happen to me are called to me by myself for learning and growing.

They had that same fondness for incense that my husband did and I would beg them to keep all of it away from me. The lavender, sage, cedar, palo santo, you name it. Any of them made me feel like I was choking to death.

One night a very loving man walked up to me and said, “let me help you heal.” And started to open a little wooden box filled with every kind of herb and incense you could imagine. I quickly panicked and asked him to not use those things around me, and he replied, “I thought you wanted to heal.”

I looked at him and couldn't believe he had said that. He then proceeded to explain that all the scents in his little box were meant to clear out my negative, sick energy that I was holding onto like a blanket. He said that this stuck energy was exactly what was causing my sickness. It was my ego making me think that all the things I held tight to were actually who I was. He reminded me of how even at churches they would burn frankincense and myrrh to clear out negative forces from the church.

He continued… he said that I should let go of all things programmed into my mind and see with my own eyes this beautiful world and remember these things were all beliefs that were taught to me from a very young age, they are not who I am at all.

They were the impressions of others imbedded into my being, because that is what we do as humans, we watch and learn. It was so amazing to see that I could be something else, something real and beautiful.

He then started to explain that the reason I would get all those symptoms from incense… it was because my soul was trying to clear out the negative (sick) energies that were being fed by my ego. So just like when you get a cold, your body begins the automatic process of trying to heal. It releases mucus, and has fevers to burn out infection. Or you vomit or get diarrhea to eliminate sickness within your stomach. It is the exact same concept, just focuses on energy and healing your light being.

My understanding of this helps me now to know that if any incense is giving me a headache it is because I have some clearing to do. That there is something going on in my mind that is a struggle for me and I must work through it. Same for if it makes me tear up or get congested. All those things mean I have stuff going on in my life I must work on. Believe it or not the moment after that beautiful man taught me these lessons I no longer couldn't stand the smell of anything in his box. I actually wanted to smell them and let them clear out anything that was blocking me!

To this day I buy the most beautiful incense and burn them regularly to help me stay clear and stay focused on addressing my issues. I know that it is because I called these lessons to myself that I actually have been able to grow and learn from all of this, and I believe that is why I was led to your article as well.

There are softer scents that can help you to clear your energy and I would suggest you find one scent you like a lot and start using that to help you clear your head quite literally. For me that scent was Palo Santo which is known and used for cleaning all energy and smells very woody and beautiful. It reminds me of fireplaces burning in the winter time and being outside smelling them. It’s very soothing.

With that final sentiment I wish you all the best in this world and beyond and pray you find comfort in what I have shared from my heart.


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Caution... A headache is NOT a migraine
by: Holly

Thanks Joey for your healing story.

Did your headaches ever turn into a migraines? Have you been diagnosed with migraines?

Understanding the mechanisms underlying migraines is crucial to surviving them. They are not headaches.

The triggers cause a chemical reaction (biological nerve storm) that cannot be stopped by energetic healing or incense in my experience.

Not to say that smudging with Palo Santo is not a nice healing modality. I'm pleased you've found a natural cure for sure.

But, I caution readers not to try to ‘cure’ migraines with this method or energy work alone.

The longer you leave them, the quicker they can become chronic and harder to eliminate.

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