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Pain Counseling

Online pain counseling is an easy way to help you deal with your migraine attacks and their impacts from the comfort of your home. If privacy, confidentiality and getting some guidance and support are important to you - read on to find out how easy it can be.

I have to ask - are you coping with your migraines?

Do you need help making decisions or have questions about your pain management strategy? Do you have a pain management strategy? Would you like help finding out how or where to start?

The good news is

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Ok – I will start with the bad news. Migraine Headache is a medical condition that has NO CURE. That’s right – no cure right now.

The good news is that there are some really effective migraine abortive and preventative medications available.

The triptans on the market today are the most effective at aborting migraines. If they work for you, they will work really well for you.

Plus the new technology of online counseling for support and guidance.

Doctors are also becoming more aware. Alternative therapies are attempting to combat migraines. So - we have a lot more people researching more drugs and remedies than ever before.

Modern medicine - evidenced based medicine, has come a long way.

Having troubling thoughts

Initially I was told I was imagining the pain and that it was all in my mind and was sent to a psychiatrist. Very quickly, I started on the path of holistic counseling and sought other alternative ways of pain management.

I did wonder on a lot of occasions if I was just going crazy. Hence the counseling and psychotherapy degree. If you find yourself having these thoughts, perhaps finding a good counsellor that specializes in pain management might be a good next step to take:

  • I can’t do this anymore.
  • I’d be better off dead.
  • Will I ever find pain relief?
  • I can’t cope any longer!
  • My children are better off without me.
  • I am going to get fired from work.
  • I can’t manage financially.
  • This is overwhelming me.
  • I can’t do anything with these horrible migraines.
  • How can I live a fulfilling life with these disabling migraines?
  • How will I manage with these forever?

Are you feeling frustrated or afraid? Or even worse, having thoughts of ending it all? Then do not wait another minute. I can recommend a company with 24/7 pain counseling online or call your nearest community center.

Seek professional help

Pain Counseling

If no one understands you or you find yourself spiraling towards depression, then it's time to seek professional help. Please click here to find some help (online) now.

The first step can often be the hardest.

All you have to do is type in your question, and a qualified professional will reply to you. Then you can read their profile and decide if it feels right. Online pain counseling is a good resource to have available for the tough times you will inevitably face.

It’s so important to get some help if you are suffering with chronic pain. I truly believe we were not meant to deal with these things alone. Yet some where, some how in our family programming we were told to be strong. To turn the other cheek, to stand up for ourselves, and to smile in the face of danger. Well I am here to tell you that is all rubbish.

Tools for your migraine tool kit

No one can be strong when up against a migraine. Pain counseling can just be one of your many tools in your migraine tool kit. Get help now, don’t become a statistic. You do have a choice and you do have options.

Candace Pert, in her CD Psychosomatic Wellness has this wonderful affirmation that I was surprised by:

Sometimes I allow powerful emotions like grief, anger and even despair to flow through my body mind to complete interrupted healing.”

It is important to recognize these strong emotions as just that, emotions and nothing more so that we don’t use them to attack ourselves. We can even focus on those thoughts and emotions and identify with them. Making them or our reactions to them more intense and overwhelming. Everyone handles stress and pain differently. Everyone!

Learn new ways to take care of yourself in this stressful situation. What you learn today can benefit you for a lifetime of better managing your future pain episodes.

I know that sounds grim. But currently there is no cure for migraine. It is a serious medical condition. Treat it like one and don’t dismiss what benefits you might be able to gain from it all.

What you can expect from your pain counseling session

Pain Counseling

• To receive compassionate understanding

• To have active listening

• To get clear on important issues

• To learn to problem solve

• To be heard and feel heard

• Discover potential options for anything else that comes up in session

• Develop an effective pain management strategy

Hopefully you already have a pain management strategy set up with your doctor, specialists, and other therapists. Doctors and specialist have little time for emotional support. If you feel you want some additional emotional support and guidance please click on the link or the image below.

Book a session with a counselor that specializes in pain management

Pain Counseling

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Rates vary per hour and per email answer. Everyone listed has had to pass through a stringent application process and is a professionally qualified and licensed counsellor, social worker or psychologist.

I can highly recommend the process, having had to pass it myself.

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