Other Genes Related to Migraine

by Maddy

There are numerous genes already identified to be related to migraine.

AOC1 gene - codes for diamine oxidase or DAO, which degrades histamine. Researchers in Spain have sampled many migraine patients and somewhere between 70-80% (I forget) have this gene. It is also associated with infant colic and preterm labor/delivery - as DAO levels fall quickly before birthing.

MTFHR - these genes are associated with the methylation cycle. Both the A1298C variety is associated (migraine without Aura) and the C677T version is more often associated with Aura.

There are also genes associated with induced nitric oxide which are contributing risk factors.

Hi Maddy,

I’ve had my genes tested and after 26 years of relentless migraine attacks, I score green - so no genetic links on these 2 discovered migraine genes! MTHFR A1298C and MTHFR C677T... I wonder how many people actually show these genes expressing for migraines... I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Here are some more migraine related genes I have learned about:

Migraine SNP rs11624776 near 1TPK1 is also associated with thyroid hormone levels – with the migraine risk allele (A) – associated with lower TSH levels.

Hypothyroid is a long-time cause of headaches.

Another SNP ASTN2 is increased risk for migraine.

And risk allele rs1024905-G = low blood glucose – report food related triggers. This has vascular influence and gene snips may prove good meds that already exist.

I hope I have all of this correct… I’m not a geneticist. You really need a qualified professional to help you with gene snips.

Thanks for writing in.

I LOVE this new field of study.

Have a happy, healthy, positive week,

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