My Word For Migraines

by Marvin J. Utterback
(Boonville, Missouri)

Migraines are bullies.

Migraines are bullies.

Migraines are bullies.

I think migraines are bullies. Before I get one, during and after I feel like I have been beaten up.

I feel like I have been hit over the head. I have been punched in the stomach (from vomiting I assume) and my head is all foggy.

If we had bruised heads after a migraine maybe more people would understand the pain. If we had black eyes ….. they might get it.

I don’t think it’s fair at all that everybody thinks this is just a headache. For days after a migraine attack my neck hurts and my shoulders feel tight.

Sometimes my whole body feels stiff and sore.

Yup. I think migraines are bullies. They sure beat me up and I can’t say a thing about that. They beat me up inside where no one can see.

They beat up my self-esteem and my inner compass. They leave me doubting myself and questioning if I am doing the right thing, taking the right medication, at the right time. I get confused, disoriented and dizzy.

I question my job and my friendships when they don’t believe me.

Yes, indeed .... migraines are bullies.

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Migraines Are Bullies
by: Holly

Oh, that's a good one Marvin, I'd not thought of that one. Wish I had.

I do feel beaten up for days after a migraine. Excellent one, thank you.

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