Migraine Self CareTips

by JS

When I first got migraines, I hated my body. I hated that it betrayed me. But now after so many years of having migraines and I know it needs me to take better care of it. Now, I prefer to be kind and gentle to my body. Especially around this time of year when stress levels are a bit higher.

Here are my tips:

• Be your own best friend and be patient with yourself.

• Listen to your body and value it for what it can and cannot do at that time.

• Take action when you get your first migraine signal. Remind yourself that this is a sign of kindness. Errands can wait.

• Maintain an attitude of loving kindness and compassion for your body.

• Listen to some relaxing CD’s or guided meditations.

• Breathe warmth and relaxation into your hands and feet if they are cold.

• Don't drink too much alcohol. Hangovers trigger migraines for me.

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