Migraine Planning

by Jacqueline

Hi everyone,

To find meaning in life I normally try to make sure much of what I do is meaningful. It takes a lot of energy for me to go out, so I need to make sure I take time to check my migraine schedule. I sort of swing from over-committing to under-committing to most activities.

When asked to do something I usually tell people I'll need to get back to them. I have discovered that I need to take some time to be honest with myself. Do I really want to do this, on this day with this person? I check my calendar, pray, sleep on it, and then after I have my honest answer, I give it to others.

I often remind myself that "no" is a complete sentence and that I don't need to explain myself.

Recently I've been under committing and find myself depressed and lonely.

I think "oh I certainly can't do that" when I probably can do at least some part of it.

Finding meaning in life with migraines has changed so much for me over the years. I learned that because I can't do something the way I used to or to my liking (i.e. spend the whole morning walking or a whole day running errands) I tend to not do it at all.

I think I create my own powerlessness and depression sometimes. So I'm learning to have a plan B and C. I look for options like - I can drive separately to things and leave if I need to. I can call venues ahead of time to check for migraine food triggers like incense or fragrances and smoking areas.

I must say that this is all a one-day-at-a-time thing. Some days I'm good about being honest with myself and what my body needs. Other days I slip back into the grief and anger, letting my illness and limitations dominate my thinking.

So by being honest with myself and others around me, I spend time on things that really matter to me.

This gives my life more meaning than just doing things out of obligation. I guess my migraines make me slow down enough to find what's really important now. And its good to remember that changes too over time.

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Stress Headache Relief
by: Holly

Hi Jacqueline,

That sounds like a very good way to stay at peace within yourself by tuning in and asking if you really want to do things and with whom.

And yes, always check the migraine diary! Just in case you know you will most likely have one before or after your period.

It sounds like a good way to me to reduce stress and find some relief day to day. You say it's a day to day thing, I can relate to that as I never really know when the next migraine will hit plus I have CFS, so I know what you mean when you say it slows you down.

Thanks for sharing that you take the time to decide if things feel meaningful to you, I think that sounds like a good way to bring joy into your life.

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