Migraine Headache Medications

by KN

Headaches are unfortunately something I know quite a bit about. My mother had severe migraines when I was growing up; she was hospitalized on a regular basis. In her 30's, she had a hysterectomy in hopes of stopping or at least reducing the headaches (they were mostly hormonal).

I inherited this condition and started to really suffer in my 20's. I'll spare you all the details of the 20+ years I've been dealing with headaches - suffice it to say, I have tried everything.

Fast forward to today ... my headaches are better than they have been in a long, long time. Here's my current protocol:

Daily head pain:

* Zanaflex (muscle relaxer): 3x a day
* Seroquel (1-2 tablets at night)


* Phenergen
* Self-Injection of Toradol (I used to do Sprix nose spray but it doesn't seem to be available anymore)
* Ice packs
(I do not do well with Triptans. They make me very nauseous)

I also began Botox last year for chronic migraines. I have had two rounds of treatment and am getting ready to have a third. THIS HAS HELPED ME!!! YEAH!!! I strongly recommend anyone suffering from chronic migraines and daily head pain to research this.

I also take 150mg Lyrica 2x a day (prescribed for fibromyalgia but I think it has made a slight difference in my head pain too).

I have suffered for so long I know that finding a protocol that has helped me is worth sharing. I also must add I have a very good neurologist. I highly recommend finding a good doctor too. Someone who knows migraines and how to help you manage them over time.

Blessings and I wish you all the best on your pain journey! It's a hard one!

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