Losing Friends From Migraines

by Casandra

This is not really a comment, it is about how many of friends I have lost due to their lack of understanding around my migraines.

I got really tired of trying to educate those around me. And just finally gave up.

Here are just some things they said when we ended the friendship:

"You are never there when I need you.

You are so unreliable.

You are just faking to get out of doing this with me.

Just take something and be done with it.

God, you are lazy." That was from someone at work. Some days I feel like no one understands this.

Oh and - "You look really tired today, you hungover?"

I feel isolated. Thank goodness for seeing a counselor. I read one of your posts here a while back and I was too ashamed to find one.

But then the other day at my doctor's surgery I thought I'd just ask. She was happy to give me a referral to a local psychologist and a counselor who does voluntary work at a local college if I can't afford the psychologist.

I've already seen the counselor and she was wonderful. She has migraines too, but not as bad as mine are.

We have a lot to work on. But she has nothing but kind comments!

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What we do for migraines!
by: Holly

Bravo Casandra.

You will find your way and your strength to understand why these people just don't understand. Bot more importantly is to take care of you!

Stay well.

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