Jaahda's Migraine Cures

by Jaahda Jinnah
(Perth, Western Australia)

After many years of migraine that seemed related to both my hormonal cycles and eating patterns after 25 years of experimentation I finally managed to find two extremely effective and instant (like - bringing the pain level down from 10/10 to 2/10) in under ten minutes consistently remedies.

These are:
One pillule of Belladonna 30X (homeopathic preparation)sucked under the tongue. Usually averts the oncoming attack within a minute or so - utter joy!!!, or

An activated charcoal tablet. This also brings down the pain level with a minute or so.

How I so wish I had discovered these remedies many, many years earlier.

If you wish further information about how and why I believe these help get in touch,

Thanks - and all the best.

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Cayenne Pepper for Instant Migraine Relief
by: Anonymous

Hi All. I have CNS Vasculitis (autoimmune against nervous system and organs, rheumatoid, and several other autoimmune. This means I also suffer with cluster headaches and migraines.

Here are my best remedies so far:

Believe it or not, this one is a winner. One day after suffering over a week non-stop with cluster pain, thinking I would loose my mind, in desperation I Googled it - wondering what I had here at home that might work as I have worked with natural healing for decades. I had not yet found the solution for the migraines and clusters. I stumbled on a site that listed many remedies, one of which was nasal applied cayenne pepper. I had a tincture of 200,000 heat units per drop here at home. I didn't even hesitate I was so desperate.

To my surprise, within ten seconds the pain greatly started to dissipate. Cayenne blocks substance P. It is not so bad at all as one would imagine. It burns for less than a minute, but no where near if you had put it in your mouth. Each time you use it the receptors are blunted, so you feel it much less to not at all. There are studies for it with post nasal and other. It sure worked for me.

The pain is different every time for me as so much is going on in my body. The cayenne always helps but sometimes requires additional pathways to be addressed as well.

I also find systemic enzymes, which are anti-inflammatory, help my pain levels reduce greatly. I can strongly recommend this as well. I have found a lot of research to see why these work and there is lots of science behind using enzymes. It is used widely in the medical profession in Europe.

Today I was screaming in so much pain. The cayenne only took the edge off. I was so crazed with pain could barely think on what to grab.

I recently have been in kidney failure and discovered the impressive studies for activated charcoal being life-saving. I had it here on hand and it worked miracles. I used no doctors even though my life was in danger. I avoid doctors like the plague. So, today, desperate and not knowing what else to take ... as cayenne usually works, I took the activated charcoal.

I suspect the pain this time was much do to the toxins from my kidneys failing. I am now out of pain. I highly recommend having charcoal on hand. It is much more economical to buy bulk powder. For many conditions the little caps are no where near enough. I take one or two teaspoons, though not everyone will require this much. It is tasteless and odorless. I find it very easy to take. When mixed with water, it just tastes like water!

I hope this helps others. It has been a Godsend for me.

Cayenne Pepper To Stop Migraines
by: Holly

I would love to hear more information about how and why you believe these help, but I think the results speak loud and clear. I have not tried either remedy, so I must say I am very excited for you to find natural relief.

Thank you for taking the time to share this with all of us reading it.

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