Natural Relief of Migraine

Hi Everybody. I have several other autoimmune disorders that include migraines.

I have been working with natural healing remedies for decades now, as I have come to distrust the medical profession. Regardless of that, here are my three successful remedies for my migraines and cluster headaches. I hope they work for you too.

1. Nasal applied cayenne pepper. I had this tincture at home of 200,000 heat units per drop. I had been having a cluster headache and I was so desperate I didn't even hesitate. Much to my surprise, within about ten seconds the pain started to go away. I read that Capsaicin or cayenne pepper blocks substance P, a neurotransmitter that is involved in pain sensation.

The burning only lasted for less than a minute, it was not so bad at all – not as I’d imagined. Apparently each time you use it your nasal receptors are blunted, so you will feel it much less with each use, and eventually not at all. There are many studies I found for it with other pain problems. It sure worked for me.

2. Sometimes this does not help the migraines on its own, so I take enzymes as well. Systemic enzymes, which are anti-inflammatory; seem to help reduce my pain levels very much. I have found a lot of scientific research to see why these work so I can strongly recommend these as well. They are used widely in European medicine.

3. In desperation, I have also used activated charcoal which I have read to being life-saving with Kidney problems. I take all three together now. I buy the bulk powder instead of the capsules so I can take a higher dose (1 or 2 teaspoons). The small doses in the capsules are not really for these severe problems I have. I just mix the powder with water, and it is easy to drink.

I hope this helps others. The pain reduction these 3 things provide are quite a miracle for me, they have been a Godsend. Stay strong everybody.

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Migraine Dehydration

by Ron

Hi Holly,

I have had a similar challenge all my life with migraines. I always thought I had inherited it from my father, who passed on several other allergies to me.

I have found a way to alleviate many of the challenges I have had for years, especially with migraine, and it turns out that it is a combination of high acidity and dehydration in the body.

On the advice of my naturopath osteopath, I have now managed to come off all medication, by changing my diet to a purely organic vegetarian diet, along with a little bit of fish only, I suppose you could call me a 'Pescetarian' (veggies and fish only).

I was also introduced to alkaline ionized water as well, and now all my migraines have disappeared as well as my acid reflux problems and several other annoying allergies too.

I just though I ought to share it with you, as it might work for you and your other readers.

Kind regards,

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Drink More Water To Stop Migraines
by: Holly

Hi Ron,

Yes this is a big problem for migraine sufferers. I have just put up a good recipe at Cause of Migraine Headache to help with staying hydrated through the day.

Drinking a liter of water (if you can drink that much) as soon as you feel a migraine coming on works for some! Or even just making a concerted effort to drink it in half an hour should also be tried.

I would love to hear more about the other things that work for you. They sound interesting .... but I need more details!!!

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Cayenne for Migraine

After reading another visitor comment here I thought I’d Google cayenne pepper for migraines before I tried it. It worked … I could not believe it. I found enough evidence to persuade me to try it.

Apparently there have been studies at the University of Michigan that used both spray and jelly. I couldn’t find the jelly so I just bought some spray from a professional naturopath. I decided to seek professional help as I like to be cautious. Anyway the University study said the jelly (in the ear?) was said to reduce pain by half.

I used the spray right when I felt the migraine coming on and then once during the day. The naturopath said I could try spraying once a day for 7 days or so, just on the right side where I get the migraines to see if it might also work as a preventative. What a relief, I am so happy.

I've only tried it once, so I hope it lasts. Oh - and it did not sting or burn as much as I thought it might. Not even rates as pain in my books. You know what I mean ... it was like a 2 on a migraine scale!

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Pain Free Ocular Migraines

by Pauline

When I am dehydrated I have more ocular migraines.

When I get them I immediately drink one or two litres of water and within 15 mins it begins to dissipate. I have never had pain with them.

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Stopping The Pain Phase
by: Holly


Congrats on stopping the pain phase.

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