Migraine Headache Medications

by KN

Headaches are unfortunately something I know quite a bit about. My mother had severe migraines when I was growing up; she was hospitalized on a regular basis. In her 30's, she had a hysterectomy in hopes of stopping or at least reducing the headaches (they were mostly hormonal).

I inherited this condition and started to really suffer in my 20's. I'll spare you all the details of the 20+ years I've been dealing with headaches - suffice it to say, I have tried everything.

Fast forward to today ... my headaches are better than they have been in a long, long time. Here's my current protocol:

Daily head pain:

* Zanaflex (muscle relaxer): 3x a day
* Seroquel (1-2 tablets at night)


* Phenergen
* Self-Injection of Toradol (I used to do Sprix nose spray but it doesn't seem to be available anymore)
* Ice packs
(I do not do well with Triptans. They make me very nauseous)

I also began Botox last year for chronic migraines. I have had two rounds of treatment and am getting ready to have a third. THIS HAS HELPED ME!!! YEAH!!! I strongly recommend anyone suffering from chronic migraines and daily head pain to research this.

I also take 150mg Lyrica 2x a day (prescribed for fibromyalgia but I think it has made a slight difference in my head pain too).

I have suffered for so long I know that finding a protocol that has helped me is worth sharing. I also must add I have a very good neurologist. I highly recommend finding a good doctor too. Someone who knows migraines and how to help you manage them over time.

Blessings and I wish you all the best on your pain journey! It's a hard one!

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Botox for Migraine

by Kim

I have had 3 treatments of Botox for chronic migraines. The treatment is helping me. I have also have fibromyalgia but I have had no negative side effects from the Botox.

My doctor told me that the first treatment would likely not be as helpful as subsequent treatments, and he was right. The first time, I think I started to feel some relief maybe 5-6 weeks after the injections. Since then, my pain levels have definitely decreased.

I was getting 1-2 debilitating migraines a week (and as you know one migraine can last 2-3 days or more), so I was really struggling. I now have 2 or so migraines a MONTH and when I do, I do not require heavy duty pain medications. And the migraine is much shorter in duration.

Another benefit has been that my chronic daily head pain has decreased. It's not completely gone and I don't expect that it really ever will be, but it's so much more manageable.

As an aside, in addition to the Botox, I take a muscle relaxer several times a day and Seroquel at night. When I get a migraine, I inject Toradol (and of course, treat the nausea). I am not a fan of triptans.

I have found that an ice pack is immensely helpful. My doctor told me that in multiple studies, the one medication that helps migraine sufferers the most is Toradol. If you are not familiar with it, it's a strong anti-inflammatory medication.

I have an ulcer (as a result of years of taking (incalculable) medications for my head) so I do treat the ulcer with daily medication. Toradol does not inflame my stomach because of the ulcer medications and because I don't use it but once a week or so.

In terms of the Botox treatment itself, if you've ever had acupuncture, it's similar to that. The needle is small. The injections sting a little but it's not bad. There are a lot of shots - 31, but it's over pretty fast.

I will tell you that the first time I had the treatment, it set off a migraine. So, if it's possible for you after the treatment to rest with ice on your head that may be helpful. That's what I now do and I haven't had any problems since.

I know what it's like to be desperate for relief, so I wanted to share my experience.

Best wishes,

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Bisoprol and Midodrine for Migraines

by Sandra

I have been on Bisoprol for years and it has cut down on my migraines.

Midodrine (also given for my POTS has also helped tremendously with my migraines.

Sandra C.

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