Headaches Natural Remedy

by Sally-Ann

I find that smelling rosemary essential oil helps me stop a headache sometimes. Other times I use peppermint essential oil, but I really find that the rosemary oil clears my head the best.

I think my headaches are mostly from muscle tension and stress.

My number one strategy for reducing the number of headaches I get is to reduce stress where possible. If I can deal directly with the thing causing the stress to stop or change it, that is most ideal.

For example, if I over-commit myself, I can revisit the TO DO list and see what is not urgent and needing to be done today.

If it is important I can either delegate it or get some help for the other stuff. Sometimes I may need to simply take myself off of the project. I have also been practicing saying "No" more often.

If it is relationship trouble with other people (my teenage daughter) or emotional stress, it helps me to isolate the actions that I can take to make the situation better.

In this situation I ask myself these questions: "how can I help others without making myself sick and what do I need to do now? What can I do later? Where do I need a new boundary?"

Once I know the action(s) that I can take, it helps me see the whole picture of what I am not able to control. Then I can try to let that go and focus on my own positive actions I can take.

So I guess I try to separate practically what I can do and what I can't do in most situations if I become plagued with daily headaches and need to invent a new order of flexibility in my life.

Easier said than done with teenagers, but we can only do our best. So I try not to be hard on myself either.

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by: Holly

What do I need to do now is a great question. I see that you seem to be able to separate your emotions away from the stressor to more clearly see what action can be taken, if any. Well done, that is not so easy (for me).

And not being too hard on yourself - is a great tip. I think we are all doing our best to deal with this condition and all that it and life throws at us. I sure give myself a hard time so I try to let go of the shoulds!

Thank you for sharing what works for you. I truly appreciate it.

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