Headache Home Remedies

by Brenda

My headaches respond directly to my stress levels.

I find myself crying and then whammo here comes a headache again.

I am thankful for crying now, I have to say. As for many years I just kept everything inside - bottled up. Now I am trying to allow my emotions: frustration, anger, fear, or any emotion.

I am working on learning to make things calmer, one step at a time. Here is what I am doing now:

1) I breathe deeply to calm down. I say relax on my exhales and let myself feel it.

2) Only then do I take care of whatever needs addressed. I try to wait until I am calm and allow the time it takes. The sooner it is taken care of, the sooner I can move on.

3) If it is an ongoing stress, like these crappy headaches or even worse migraine disease, acceptance helps me tremendously. I am then forced to slow down and pace myself. I try to see this need before the headache occurs.

4) With ongoing stress that I cannot control like my husband and children’s inability to accept this disease, medical bills and all that goes with this, I choose to use:

a. Meditation.

b. Distractions: TV, reading, drawing or painting. I took up painting a few years ago and have found it takes my mind completely away and the fumes do not bother me.

c. Exercise.

d. Drink lots of water – I think it washes out the chemical toxins that my stress creates and I feel better.

e. Watch my diet – I can sometimes binge eat when I'm upset and an inability to walk very much makes it difficult to shed pounds. I feel better if I stick to a healthy diet and not put the weight on in the first place.

f. Get lots of fresh air. A walk around the block when I'm tired, going to the lake in the summer, and seeing the beautiful landscapes around me helps to put things into perspective for me.

Those trees will be here long after my kids accept that I have migraines for good, or that next bill that gets paid …

I look forward to seeing everyone’s response. I would like to implement some new ideas and feel even better than now.

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Migraine Headache
by: Holly

Hey Brenda,

You raise some good points that make me want to look at the bigger picture. If I have a migraine today, the bills are still there tomorrow to be paid. And ever so beautifully, how much pleasure nature can bring.

The slow growth of an acorn seed into a tree for example. Means to me that I can slow down too. Walking in nature is a wonderful stress reducer for me.

Thanks so much. Stay well.

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