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This brief missive is actually addressed to Holly, who, out of her generosity and kindness, set up this site for me to sally forth. What a lovely surprise! I am quite taken aback by her generosity. It would never have occured to me to write about something which has become a natural part of my Life. But Holly, with what you have so kindly done, I now realise that there are, without doubt, many people who do not understand 'the Nature of the Beast,' so to speak and how, in it's many manifestations owing to bio-chemical individuality, how it can affect both the individual 'undergoing this trial by fire,' and those around them....especially those who care and within their caring, feel powerless to help.

My 96 year young father has never experienced a headache in his long Life. In seeing me during the beginning stages of wrestling with the Beast, he would mention, in an off-hand way....'Well, just take two aspirin and continue on.' It was not until he was subject to the full fury and force of this thing of ATTACK(and this is, the most appropriate word to use), that he actually looked 'shaken' and simply walked away, saying to himself....'This is not right, this is just not right,' and he broke down to my mother that he felt so impotent, powerless to do anything, to be of any help.

The inability for both the person undergoing this 'attack' and those witnessing such, can, if allowed, become an intolerable situation of overall pain, perhaps surpassing what is understood by the word agony, quite literally affecting both parties.

In my writings, I will do my best to approach this most 'unique creature of Nature' from as many different points of view as is possible. Rarely will I speak of cure or remedies, as the internet sites are full of very good advice regarding methods of control and perhaps elimination. Because of my polymathic background (POLYMATH....A PERSON OF VARIED LEARNING), I will approach this 'Living thing' from as many different aspects as are available to me, and please believe me, it IS, a living thing. I will start and ask any reader who has difficulty understanding what and how I write, to PLEASE, PLEASE, do not be afraid to question me. We are all here to learn and as one Neurologist said to me....
'Gordon, your theories are every bit as valid as those that are current, because in actual fact, we know little about this activity called migraine.'

I may use capitals a good deal, but please do not feel that I am shouting. When I want something to STAND OUT, or have a degree of IMPORTANCE, capitals are my best means.

So, this missive initially started out to thank Holly and will finish by doing so. Thank you Holly. I trust that I will provide material that may possibly be of some degree of help to all of us LEARNING about this Living thing called Migraine.

Kindest regards,


Anger help
by: Holly

Just another thought - have you seen this page or tried any CBT? I found it a useful way to get in touch with myself and my anger before migraine episodes.
Its not as simple as it sounds, but if you persevere it may be worth it.

My Anger Too
by: Holly

I was touched by your comments Gordon, it sounds all too familiar to me in my own migraine circle/cycle. You sound very considerate of others in 'protecting' them from your migraine episodes.

I am wondering what you have tried or what you have found that helps deal with the anger that comes before and with the migraines. That surge of adrenalin I often mistook for anger ... you described it perfectly. It took me years to realize it was not "me" as you say, but the part of me that needs to take care of myself when biology takes over. It makes a difference what you think about it too! I heard a great new song the other day the lyrics went something like "This extreme emotion, this extreme me, is not all that I am! I am much more than just this" (unknown).

I'm glad you take care of yourself (the best you can) when you are having an episode. It is another awful part about migraines, no one seems to talk about. So thank you - what a resilient human being!

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