Disabling Silent Migraine Symptoms

by Stephanie and Brandan

My husband has really BAD silent migraines that usually last for days and he is unable to work during the attack.

My husband gets extremely tired and doesn't talk for the days he has the migraine. He doesn’t really know how to explain them or what goes on.

He does say it’s as if he's in a different world and everything else around him has stopped… but it really hasn't.

He gets confused and doesn't respond when anyone talks to him.

He gets his silent migraines every 20 days and has warnings signs a week before each attack.

The warning signs he gets are: yawning, a stiff neck, a wavy weird feeling, and over sensitive vision like zig zags and dots. A week before the attack, each day up to the full-on attack, he gets more and more tired and deeper into the attack. I fear they are very similar symptoms to a stroke.

He maintains a good sleep routine; we eat all whole foods and organic (no chemicals) and he takes lots of vitamins, minerals and herbs. These have lessened his symptoms but not enough where he doesn’t have to miss work yet. I’m really surprised he still has his job. It’s all VERY scary.

Ginger has been a life saver… also Coenzyme Q10.

These two alone have reduced the duration of his silent migraines, they’ve gone from 19 days long to 3 to 5 days long. And the symptoms of each attack have lessened a lot. For example, before he couldn't drive with one, and now it doesn’t fully affect his driving and he can even work on certain days!

Hopefully the frequency will keep reducing instead of having an attack every 20 days and that he will be able to work regardless of whether he is having an attack or not.

He is doing this 100% naturally no meds.

He’s been treating his silent migraines very aggressively. By this I mean he takes 5,000 mg of Ginger when he’s having the attack, and 500 mg of CoQ10 daily.

To prevent attacks, he takes these supplements daily in lower doses:

• 3,000 mgs Ginger 3 times a day

• 300 mgs CoQ10 3 times a day

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Coping With Silent Migraine Symptoms
by: Holly

Hi Stephanie and Brandan,

Yes, these symptoms can be scary... and I recommend you read these few articles I've written on the topics that arise from your post.

And just to put your mind at rest - stroke symptoms are normally SUDDEN but then migraine aura symptoms should resolve within 20 minutes (some experts say!) so no wonder you feel scared.

Make sure you check with your family physician on all your hubbys symptoms. It's really important to check these things with your doctor.

Migraines are scary... full stop!

Anyway - read these and let me know if they help...

7 Tips For Coping With Silent Migraine

Complex Migraine - The 4 Phases

Migraine Stroke Symptoms: What to Watch For

Thanks for sharing what has been working too, that's very helpful.

There is some great evidence behind ginger working as effectively as the sumatriptan medication - here's that article too!

This Home Remedy for Migraine Can Stop Pain

Stay strong,


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