Crippling Migraines

Crippling, psychedelic migraines have ruined my life. I only got them 2 years ago and I am lost now. Have read a few of your posts and am off to see the doc about a triptan.

Anything to stop the pain. And the light shows. I feel like I am drugged. My eyes see what is not there, my nose thinks I am in a smoking den, and my ears hear high pitched noises from who knows where and seem to send me off balance.

This sucks big time. I've had 2 kids and this makes that look like a piece of cake.

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Psychedelic Migraines
by: Holly

Oh dear, I do hear you and know what you mean. It can feel like that. I get quite a few of those symptoms too. Make sure you see the doctor and get the right diagnosis and specific instructions for your new medications. Did you see our pain management strategy list? If not, email me and I will send it to you.

Hang it there, it will get easier as you learn what your triggers are and what the sensations mean. Timing is everything in aborting an attack.

Thinking of you,

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